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United States Retirement Communities Reviews: Florida, California, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois
With the aging population in the US expected to climb in the decade as the baby boomers reach retirement age, new retirement communities in the USA are springing up to meet the demands of United States senior housing, retirement new homes and 55+ communities in the US..

Why Choose A New Retirement Community in the United States of America?
With the internet age well upon us and with many baby boomers reaching their much deserved retirement from work, the internet has become a great medium for retirees and seniors looking for more information on new United States retirement communities across the country. From 55+ communities to senior housing community to new senior living services and independent active adult living options, the internet provides more than enough information for Americans to choose the best new retirement communities for themselves and their friends. Retirement new homes in the USA have popped up throughout all fifty states as the ever increasing need for gated adult communities and retirement home developments has increased exponentially over the past decade and into the next decades when it is predicted that over 1/3 of all US residents will be senior citizens over 65+ and almost half will be of retirement age at 55+. The best new retirement communities in the United States senior housing market will provide a wealth of services, amenities, facilities, care options, and recreational activities to seniors and retired individuals. The United States retirement communities and senior living community will provide retired people the chance to retire well, live and eat well and live in a master planned community for people with similar interests. Some retirement facilities in the USA also have continuing care services for those who need it. Some of the more notable United States best retirement communities include the Brookdale Seniors Living, Erickson Retirement Communities Sunrise Seniors Housing and Marriott Senior Living Services to name just a few. Here is more information regarding specific USA retirement communities reviews for different states.

Florida Retirement Communities for Active Lifestyles and Senior Living
One of the many United States that will see a huge percentage of their population reaching the age for retirement, Florida senior housing options have increased dramatically over the past few years to accommodate for not only their own residents requesting the best retirement communities, but also residents from other states and countries moving into Florida for a great independent living active adult lifestyle. The new Florida retirement communities come in all forms of retirement new homes, FL senior housing facilities, senior living services and 55+ community developments. Concentrated mostly near or in major cities, the best Florida retirement community living options include Ft. Lauderdale senior living communities, Miami senior housing, Orlando retirement community, 55+ gated communities in Palm Beach, Jacksonville retirement living and much more. Regardless of what you are looking for, the Florida senior housing Tampa Bay options are endless as you will find not only master planned senior home neighborhoods, but also assisted living apartments, waterfront senior living communities and new seniors homes for the elderly. If you plan to retire in Florida, you must check out these retirement communities early to get your name on the wait list.

Senior Living Communities California
California is a big state with lots of seniors and professionals reaching retirement age. As one of the most desirable United States to move to, California senior living communities provide a wide range for retirement living and active lifestyle community housing that you can choose from. Unlike many of the other United States, the percentage of seniors and retired individuals as a percentage of the total population of California is well balanced, meaning that there is a good influx of younger people to support the seniors living in CA in the future. Nevertheless, there are a wealth of different senior living communities in California including master planned retirement communities that are inland, in the mountains or on the waterfront, retirement new homes where you have a cluster of senior housing with a central care facility for home owners in addition to senior living communities in southern California. Retirement Reviews writes about the various California senior living communities for retired people who seek independent living and 55+ communities to retire to. Some examples include retirement community living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Palm Springs, Sacramento, and San Diego senior living care facilities.

Denver Senior Housing Colorado
Another hot spot for places to retire in the United States is definitely Denver Colorado. Known for its unique geography with mountains, water, lush green forests, the Mile High City is now home to many new Denver retirement communities and Colorado senior housing active lifestyle community. Retirement communities in the Denver area include such big names as Sunrise and Marriott, but there are many smaller private seniors housing master planned neighborhoods in this beautiful area as well. Many of the senior housing Denver communities provide retired individuals many outdoor recreational activities and field trips throughout the four seasons. In addition, many of the newer masterplanned Denver senior housing retirement communities in Colorado will also provide large and impressive clubhouses with rooms to play cards, read books, play games and much more. Retirement living in Denver CO is one of the big push in real estate developments during the past few years as many seniors require this sort of care and in home facility. The Denver retirement community senior housing options are great, providing the highest level of service at an affordable price.

New Arizona Retirement Homes
With the recent boom in real estate developments in Arizona and an impressive influx of in migration from other US states, Arizona has enjoyed a huge population increase over the past few years. In addition, many retirees and seniors have been moving to Arizona primarily because of its great weather, golf communities, resorts, shopping, new master planned neighborhoods and a general great lifestyle choice. The new Arizona retirement homes and senior housing communities provide large private houses or townhomes or condo apartments to seniors just steps from a care facility and central clubhouse where they can mingle with other residents and staff. The latest in Arizona retirement communities are Phoenix golf retirement homes, which are masterplanned senior housing living designed around five star championship golf courses. These new golf resort retirement communities in Phoenix make up a small part of the Arizona retirement homes, but is a great option of affordability and great lifestyle. Other cities like Scottsdale and Tempe have adopted the more traditional senior living communities with either apartments or detached homes for retirement new homes community. Nevertheless the new Arizona retirement homes are some of the best planned and newest senior living housing available in the United States. Retirement Review has published several articles on Arizona 55+ community options for active seniors and adult living.

Illinois Senior Assisted Living
Chicago has become one of the most popular places for retirement, which may be a big surprise for many people. Leading the way in terms of new Illinois retirement communities included Illinois assisted living nursing homes which are presented in detail in the continuing care section of Retirement Review. In addition, there are many other Illinois Senior Living retirement communities for those who do not need in home or nursing care. These facilities include new retirement communities in Illinois with impressive club houses, outdoor recreational facilities and field trips to sporting events, concerts, and other things. Independent senior living in Illinois retirement communities is also a must for some people, which gives them freedom to do what they want and when they want. However, they know that nursing home care and other emergency services are available to them if need be. The growing new Illinois senior assisted living facilities in Chicago should be researched as there are many new homes coming up on the market.

New York City Retirement Communities
NYC retirement homes are few and far between for the number and population that requires NY seniors housing. Because of this, New York City has seen a boom in new retirement communities and assisted living seniors care. With new 55+ communities sprouting up everywhere, there are now more New York City retirement communities available for seniors to choose from, which is a great thing considering at one point, the wait list for a typical senior housing facility was more than 5 years! Marriott senior living services and Sunrise senior housing are two companies leading the way in terms of providing affordable yet luxurious New York City retirement communities. Read further into the Retirement Review blogs for additional details about NYC options.

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