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Choosing The Best Retirement Communities Abroad and Senior Living Overseas
Retiring is a big milestone in anyone’s life. When selecting where you want to retire, many retirees tend to stay at home or getaway to their favorite holiday spot. However, there are many overseas senior housing options available now in the world as the best retirement communities abroad have caught up to the USA retirement homes in terms of service, affordability and amenities.

This article talks about the varying options for the best and most affordable retirement communities around the world, including such places as Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. The best retirement communities abroad and overseas senior housing provide a wealth of different opportunities for retirees to enjoy their hard earned time off. Not only do there overseas retirement communities come packed with amenities and things to do, but the condo apartments and retirement homes abroad are very spacious, much more affordable, sometimes cheap and well serviced in comparison to many of the older USA retirement community and independent living neighborhoods. Not only that, these fully serviced five star world retirement communities abroad feature exotic locals, opportunities for travel and discovery, gourmet meals and 5 star facilities. Senior living overseas is a growing trend and the burgeoning best retirement communities abroad are all located around the world nowadays. International retirement represents some of the 10 best places to retire because of its affordability, overseas senior housing nursing care, assisted living, 55+ communities abroad and much more.

Why Retire Abroad and Choose an Overseas Retirement Community?
The top 4 reasons for choosing to retire overseas and to select the best places to retire other than in the USA or Canada include: affordability, services, amenities, and active lifestyle experience. Let’s go through them one by one to understand more fully why seniors have chosen to retire to such places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, China, Europe and many other exotic locals. Firstly, the 10 best places to retire overseas are all very affordable. Not only are the retirement communities abroad cheap in comparison to retirement homes in the USA, but the cost of living abroad is also much more reasonable. With this, your retirement money will go a lot further if you choose the best retirement communities abroad when compared to staying in senior housing facilities in the US. The cost of living is so reasonable sometimes overseas, that retired people find themselves with an excess wealth of money to spend on a second retirement recreational home along the waterfront, or to leave a larger nest egg and inheritance to their children. The choices are endless if you select the best affordable retirement community abroad for your overseas retirement plans. The actual retirement home overseas costs are also minimal in comparison to what you can get at home. In Mexico, for instance, you can purchase a waterfront retirement home with two bedrooms along the beach for less than $200,000. Where else can you find this sort of deal. There are also other affordable retirement home communities abroad in Costa Rica and Guatemala, where you can find a decent beachfront bungalow retirement home for less than $150,000. Whatever you are looking for, both the international cost of living and the affordability of retirement communities abroad are an attractive factor when retirees are considering moving to the best places to retire internationally. This move to international senior housing and overseas retirement property is a growing trend among baby boomers who have lots of disposable income and a great financial plan moving forward.

Services and Amenities at International Retirement Communities
Senior housing abroad has taken some slack before because of the language barrier and the services and amenities that the communities provided. However, all of that has changed in the past decade as many international retirement property developments have transformed the landscape and attractive nature of these international senior housing retirement home neighborhoods into 5 star resort living. Services in many of the best retirement communities abroad include: concierge services, 24 hour valet parking, housekeeping, catering, laundry, cleaning, dining bookings, recreational activity centres and field trips for seniors and retirees. Some features catered towards senior housing overseas and abroad include such things as meal preparing, folding of clothes, bathing, medication, best nursing care, assistance etc. As far as amenities go for the international retirement communities abroad, these overseas retirement property homes provide the utmost in lifestyle choices including usually an outdoor and/or indoor swimming pool, spa facility for massages, manicures, haircuts, pedicures and other treatments, fitness gym with both cardio and weight training, yoga/pilates room, and recreational room with games tables, pool, ping pong and others. Some best international retirement homes abroad also feature library facilities, screening rooms with large screen TVs, sauna, steam rooms, fireside lounges, outdoor picnic areas, BBQ areas, outdoor patios, balconies and rooftop decks. The impressive array of full service 5 star amenities at these international senior housing abroad retirement communities overseas are what makes the final decision for many people. Built within the home owners association fee, the added five star amenities are an added feature for many retirees who are ready to unwind and relax in paradise. The best retirement communities international senior housing facilities always have English speaking staff and all communication is very easy as well. There is nothing to fault here about these international retirement homes.

Overseas Active Adult Lifestyle Communities for 55+
55+ communities abroad for retired individuals and retirees are a perfect place to find lifestyle choices that you would not get if you stayed at home. By traveling and choosing the best 55+ retirement communities overseas, international travel is a possibility. Many of these new international retirement home developments provide a wealth of lifestyle living and recreational activities to retirees and is now termed “active adult living” or “active lifestyle living”. By choosing a master planned international retirement community abroad, you can determine what sort of active lifestyle you want to live: whether it be golf resort living, waterfront cottages, pedestrian friendly senior communities, adventure travel, eco-travel, biking tours or what not. These active 55+ communities overseas provide you the opportunity to discover the international world at your fingertips. Active lifestyle living provides adults and retirees the ability to explore things that the normally wouldn’t see, taste or smell if they stayed close at home. For the adventure at heart, these active lifestyle 55+ retirement communities abroad and overseas provides them their second life of living to the fullest. Some active 55+ retirement homes overseas also provide the ability to do cruises, plane travel, bus tours and train travel at ease as they are all setup to make sure that seniors and retired individuals are comfortable with easy travel, less walking and more sightseeing and shopping. Adult active lifestyle living for 55+ retirement communities is a growing trend as many people leaving work are at a much younger age and are also much healthier than in previous generations. The baby boomers came from an age where people starting taking care of themselves, and with that health, the overseas active lifestyle 55+ international retirement communities are capitalizing on their new found youth. Look for many more of these new master planned international 55+ communities in the near future around the world.