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Retirement Communities and information about New Senior Housing
Retirement Review provides comprehensive information about United States retirement communities and Canada retirement community living. Feature articles review retirement new homes, senior housing, independent living and what are the best retirement communities.

Contributors review specific retirement communities such as the popular sunrise senior living homes and Marriott senior living services.

What is a Retirement Community
A Retirement community is a planned community for residents who have retired from an active working life. Generally a retirement homes allow for independent living where residents enjoy the convenience and security of being in a purpose adult community but enjoy the freedom and independence of senior living. One of the most attractive aspects of living in a retirement community is the friendships and companionship that such an environment offers residents. Independent seniors can enjoy active lifestyles catered to allow interaction, enjoyment and relaxation. Many senior living communities offer residents services such as housekeeping, catering, and planned activities. Other full-service senior living communities provide access to medical care provided by health care professionals. The majority of retirement communities are designed for adults 55+. United States Retirement Homes can be found in almost every town, giving prospective residents the choice and freedom to live where ever they choose. Canadian retirement communities are highly regarded and have grown in popularity and number in the recent years. New Retirement Homes are big business with many leading hospitality companies now entering into the senior living business, the Marriott senior living services organization has gained particular momentum as being one of the best retirement communities.

Why Choose to live in a Senior Community
For many active seniors the prospect of retirement can be one filled with mixed emotions. There is certainly the thrill of no longer being actively employed, but this is often also met with anxious feelings about how to spend ones new found freedom and abundant time. One of the greatest fears of retirement and senior living is growing old alone, particularly when faced with the possibility of loosing ones spouse in old age. Active retirement communities offer an excellent alternative to living out your retirement years in your own home. North America offers some of the best retirement communities in the world, with many retirement new homes being built with growing urgency. For many the choice to living in a senior living community is one of the best decisions they make after retirement, the sense of community, friendship and family makes senior living the best years of their life.

Retirement Community Services
Services at a retirement communities can vary greatly dependent on the location, price and management company. The Best retirement communities offer a full range of active lifestyle choices combined with professional care by trained senior living personnel. Retirement Community services include regularly planned activities such as crafts and art, plus field trips to local attractions and parks. The choice of a independent living facility may greatly depend on the services offered, and potential residents should be diligent in determining their unique requirements for senior living. If you need special medical care then carefully consider if the retirement home you are contemplating offers either full-time or part time medical staff. If your needs for living in retirement require specialist care you may consider an assisted living facility. Companies such as Marriott senior living services are among the most comprehensive retirement service providers building retirement new homes for independent living seniors. Many active seniors are looking for luxury retirement services, with several NH retirement properties and senior living communities southern California offering concierge, room service and in-room massage and personal care.

Common features of a Senior Housing and in Retirement New Homes
Retirement homes have come a long way since their dark past of being long halls of small rooms and concrete walls. The Best retirement communities now offer senior housing that rivals the best 5-star-resorts in the world. Many retirement communities offer features such as swimming pools, indoor and out door, spas, gyms, and recreational rooms. Retirement homes such as Sunrise senior living, and Brookdale senior living offer features such as 24-hour on-call staff, emergency response and trained security personnel. Almost all new retirement homes offer basic features such as secured access, professional management and access to emergency medical equipment. Other common features of retirement communities include common rooms, piano, card tables, retirement living tv.

The Best Retirement Communities
For many it is a subjective opinion which retirement home offers the best combination of location, facilities and care but there are a number of notable retirement homes that set the benchmark by which others are measured. Retirement new homes provided by Brookdale senior living, Sunrise senior living and of course Marriott Senior Living services have given new definition to the best retirement communities. Senior housing and retirement living has gained many properties in the United States the reputation of being virtual utopias. Senior living communities southern California, senior living Tennessee and senior living Florida are also among the best retirement communities. NH retirement property has also gained new notoriety as has Manchester NH retirement property.

Medical Care and Senior Living
It is a fact of life that often in our later years we require additional access to health care. Senior living communities recognize that health care and access to medical professionals is an important consideration in choosing a retirement home. Many of the best retirement communities have either full time or part time medical staff, not limited to doctors, dentists, physiotherapy and chiropractors. A truly remarkable continuing care retirement community will have 24 hour medical care staff, with high-tech monitoring and on-call access features.

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