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Reviews of Retirement Communities in Canada Senior Housing
Like many other first world countries, Canada is facing a large aging population that will require retirement homes and Canadian senior housing within the next twenty years. Retirement Review examines the best and most affordable Canada retirement communities and active lifestyle options for seniors and retirees.

So How Does A Senior or Retired Individual Choose the Most Suitable and Best Canada Retirement Home Facility?
When choosing the retirement community in Canada that best suits your lifestyle and age, it is important to do sound research and look behind the curtain before any major decision is made. As with many things in life, there are many options for both seniors and retirees for new Canadian retirement communities, Canada senior housing, retirement homes and 55+ community in all provinces and territories. For many retired couples, budget is an important factor in deciding which Canada best retirement home is the likely choice. From luxury retirement communities to subsidized Canadian senior housing, there is a wealth of options for any individual in terms of budget. Cheap, expensive, subsidized and affordable options for senior living is out there and ready for you to move-in. Secondly, another factor in choosing a retirement community in Canada is location. If you are looking for a master planned apartment community or single detached retirement home, Canada senior housing provides many communities that will offer you independent living spaces as well as central care facilities if you require them at any time. In addition, if you are looking to be close to the city or in the countryside where it is quieter and less busy, there are also many options for Canadian retirement communities in both. Thirdly, your decision on which retirement home to choose in Canada senior living also depends on how much care you need. Often times, retirees want space for themselves to enjoy their neighbours, entertaining and large open spaces that are maintenance free housing. Other times, Canada senior housing and Canadian retirement communities can provide more assisted living facilities that provide in home care or continuing care. This all depends on the amount of care and assistance you require. These are the major issues surrounding retired and seniors in terms of selecting the best retirement communities in Canada senior housing market for them to move to.

Ontario Retirement Homes Are Growing Up
There was once a time when Ontario nursing homes were in a sad state. Old, crumbling facilities and not so good care were among some of the negative aspects with Ontario retirement communities and senior living care. However, in recent years, Ontario retirement communities and Ontario senior housing facilities have improved dramatically as a huge aging population are retiring and seniors are looking for more active lifestyle oriented living communities. In major cities such as Toronto, Mississauga and Ottawa, nursing homes in Ontario have become more of a adult lifestyles community for independent living. Toronto retirement communities are well planned, with single detached homes, duplexes, townhomes or senior apartments choices in a Ontario neighbourhood that also features a care facility and emergency assistance from certified doctors and nurses. Mississauga retirement homes Ontario also feature such independent active lifestyle living choices where seniors and retirees have the comforts of their own home with the added value of care if required. 24 hour care and Ontario emergency nursing services in Ottawa have also taken shape for the better as new Ottawa retirement communities provide the utmost in care only if required, while providing facilities and amenities for clubhouses, community halls, games rooms and field trips scheduling for homeowners at these senior housing masterplanned communities. Ontario retirement homes provide the best in affordability, features and in home care for seniors and retirees in Ottawa, Toronto and Mississauga, as well as many smaller cities and towns.

BC’s Best Retirement Communities Are Popping Up Everywhere
Adult living is a new concept in British Columbia, but the Province of BC has embraced adult active lifestyle living in the form of new BC retirement communities in the Okanagan real estate market as well as within Greater Vancouver and Victoria. With many seniors and retired individuals moving into the province, BC retirement homes have been a huge growth area for real estate developers in contributing to the master planning of five star resort style BC retirement home communities in such areas as Westbank, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria and many other areas. BC adult living comes at a price though. Many of the new BC retirement homes and seniors living communities are very expensive but come with all the perks that you deserve including spacious floor plans, luxurious homes, features, amenities such as over 10,000 sq ft clubhouses and community functions, field trips and the best in care facilities from certified nurses and doctors on site. Many active adult living neighbourhoods in the BC senior housing market also provide free bus transportation to and from community centres, recreational facilities, shopping, dining and other field trips. From the care and assistance side of BC retirement community, the best senior housing in British Columbia are from the active resort lifestyle senior communities where you will have a great balance of high-end housing, five star care, great amenities and a friendly community around you. Vancouver retirement communities are also on the rise but again, like much of the real estate there, it is very expensive. The Okanagan senior housing and Kelowna retirement communities are also very pricey, especially when considering many Albertans and Americans are moving there for the mountains, lakes, and four season activities. Victoria senior living and Victoria retirement home have always been a great place for seniors and people to retire to. With a quiet, English feel, Victoria senior living cannot be friendlier and attractive to many.

Quebec Senior Housing Is Catching Up
Montreal and Quebec City are the major retirement destinations for many retirees and seniors in the province of Quebec. With much historical significance and many professionals reaching retirement age, the Quebec seniors housing and best retirement homes rival the new neighbourhoods in both BC and Ontario with excellent amenities and seniors services as well as activities for retired professionals including field trips, travel destinations, and of course care facilities if required. The Quebec retirement communities come in many shapes and forms, and the new era of seniors living is definitely going towards the active adult lifestyle community where it is essentially a new master planned community for retired people. Not only this, these homes and townhomes, Quebec retirement apartments and condos are superbly finished, well designed with open layouts, ground floor entries and private parking. Moreover, Quebec retirement homes and new active lifestyle living communities provide great gathering places for retirees to interact, entertain, mingle and play games. Healthy active living is the key component to many of these new masterplanned retirement communities in Quebec City and Montreal senior living neighbourhoods, and there are many more development on the go right now to meet the growing demand of retiring professionals.

Alberta 55+ Communities and Retirement Homes
Alberta is a province of many wealthy individuals reaching retirement age, as well as many young people who are financially independent. Wealth and prosperity is everywhere in the Province of Alberta, the only province in Canada that has a surplus every year. With many families and professionals able to retire (from a great economy based on oil, gas, medical, retail etc.), Albertans are retiring in flocks to new retirement communities in Calgary and Edmonton. Although a significant number of retirees are moving to the Okanagan master planned retirement communities, Alberta senior housing and communities for retired individuals have also had to keep up with the demand for luxurious homes, town houses, apartments and condos. Not only that, Albertans have often demanded the best in amenities for these Alberta retirement home communities including clubhouses with swimming pools, games rooms, fitness centres, community halls, spa services, concierge and in home care if required. In addition, these new Alberta retirement communities and senior active adult living facilities also provide valet parking, underground heated parking, catering services, and housekeeping too. With many new 55+ Alberta communities coming on to the market, there is no shortage of senior housing for active adults in this province. These new retirement developments are very exciting for newly retired and seniors living in the province of Alberta.

Canadian Retirement Living
Of course, there are many other retirement communities in Canada as the senior population is growing at an exponential rate for the next decades. With this, provinces like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and the Canadian Territories are gearing up for new real estate developments of master planned best retirement communities and active adult living neighbourhoods to meet the growing demand for senior housing. As with the major provinces, these masterplanned retirement home communities in Canada will include independent living areas in addition to Canada assisted living with continuing and/or in home care facilities for those who need it.

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