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St. Francis Residential Community

The St. Francis Residential Community is a retirement home, or senior home for designed for seniors over 65. With over 100 years of experience in senior care, the St Francis Residential Retirement home is an ideal choice for residents who like in New Jersey. It is only minutes away from Denille and is set in a park-like setting, making it a perfect place to consider as a retirement community. While it has a century of experience it can easily be compared to retirement new home that are on the market also today. The St Francis Residential Community offers affordable, comfortable, safe and care-free living. 

Residents at the St. Francis retirement home each have their own private room with bathroom that is wired with an emergency intercom connected to the front desk. What also makes the St. Francis a great option for affordable retirement is that maid, linen and 3 meals per day are included in the monthly service fee. The St. Francis also offers retirees the option of a fully serviced retirement apartment. 

The St. Francsis Residential Retirement Community also offers a full dining room that could be compared to many quality restaurants - serviced by professional catering staff that are sensitive to the needs of people in retirement. There is also a magnificent garden that is wonderful to stroll, or to host private family gatherings with loved ones. Social and recreational programs are important for all people considering a retirement new home, and the St. Francis offers a full and comprehensive program scheduled by their professional care staff. There are also educational programs such as languages, games and hobbies - plus a variety of crafts and art programs. Exercise is an important part of life at the St. Francis Retirement Community, and offers many supervised programs such as walking, swimming and other exercise programs. There are also computer classes for residents, where they can learn the wonders of the internet and staying in touch with their family and friends via email. The St. Francis also offers civic projects a theatre group, and numerous sight-seeing excursions on a regular schedule.

Being so close to downtown Denville New Jersey makes trips to shops, restaurants, libraries, museums and parks a breeze, plus even New York is a close ride away using readily accesible public transport. Among senior living communities the St. Francis is a prime example of how a great quality of life can be combined with a professional senior care facility.

The St. Francis is a great option for those people in retirement looking for a residential retirement community designed for life over 65. You will enjoy your first impressions at the St. Francis senior living home from its impressive lobby to its expansive grounds.

You can find more information on the St. Francis Residential Retirement Community by clicking on this link, or contacting them directly at 1-866-420-4178.