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Balfour Retirement Community Boulder County

A Review of the Balfour Lodge and Retirement Home

The Balfour retirement community / Balfour Lodge is fast becoming known as one of the best retirement communities in Colorado, and perhaps one of the top retirement homes in the United States. The Balfour positions itself as a new generation of retirement living. The Balfour actually provides for both independent living and assisted living at their magnificent campus in East Boulder County.

The Lodge at Balfour Retirement community for independent living and assisted living is designed for seniors who are looking for an award winning residential community with a full range of on-site services There are countless enticements at Balfour which make a contender for the best retirement home in Colorado. The Balfour offers full days and nights, in a beautiful surroundings and with professional care. It is a truly a place that any active retiree would be proud to call home.

The Residences at Balfour Rocky Mountains is a locally owned facility that is specially designed for the needs of its residents. The Balfour retirement community offers residents a complete menu of services from independent living to full assisted living, complete with professional health care in addition to memory care. What makes the Balfour unique and especially appealing is that as a residents needs change over time so too can the care, without any need to relocate or look for an alternative home.

This is great assurance to residents and families, that the Balfour Retirement Home is able to offer true peace of mind for all. There is no need to go through the stress of looking for a different home as your needs change. The Balfour is a top retirement community, that offers a true place to call home, for life in your senior years.

Active Living at the Balfour Retirement Community in Colorado

Active Living at the Balfour Retirement Community in Colorado

Independent Living at the Balfour - a life of luxury and care

The positioning of the Balfour retirement community in Colorado, is that “You have lived a magnificent life, and you are ready for more” - and this is evident in every aspect of this remarkable retirement home. One of the centerpieces of this top retirement community is the spectacular lodge. The Lodge at Balfour pays tribute to the great national park traditions, with a authentic western flavour. At the Balfour retirement home in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains independent living means that you are surrounded by beautiful surroundings. The lodge at the Balfour is a place you will be proud to call home, and a place you will be proud to entertain your family and friends. There is a great emphasis on communal spaces that encourage a sense of personal growth and friendship among all that gather there.

Balfour Retirement Community - gracious living for life

When the designers of the Balfour first set out they wanted to design this top retirement community in Colorado as if it were their own home. They stated with notable architecture and an unmatched park like setting. The landscaping is expansive, as are the ponds and flower beds. There is a central magnificent courtyard, all adding up to a wonderful environment that you will be comfortable in during your active retirement.

The Apartments at the Balfour

Each of the residences at the Balfour are large and well lit, with spacious walk in closets, and full modern kitchens equipped with the very latest in conveniences and technology. Each home also has an installed washer and dryer. Almost all of these lovely homes have patios or balconies. In addition to the wide selection of apartments there are an exclusive number of 2 bedrooms cottages that feature large living rooms, fireplaces and one car garages.

Floor Plan at the Balfour Retirement Community

Floor Plan at the Balfour Retirement Community

The Good Life at Balfour Retirement Community Boulder Colorado

While your home is well equipped to cook your own meals, you will have little motivation or need to do so. The kitchen and lodge is staffed with top chefs that are ready to delight you at every meal. You can actually eat almost any time you would like in the magnificent Aspen Grill, where you can even entertain your guests in style. There are more formal fine dining experiences in the Telluride Dining Room, that features a specialty menu that is balanced for nutrition and flavour. Breakfast is served each morning in the Dining room, a perfect way to start your day in paradise.

Amenities and Facilities at the Lodge at Balfour

Some consider that the Balfour Retirement Community is more like a spa than a Top Retirement home. The lodge also features an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, a well equipped fitness center, and many wellness and exercise programs. Of course there is Internet access, move and book clubs, classes that feature current affairs, cocktail hours, and scheduled community work. The large Great Room has a wonderful 2 story stone fireplace in the image of the great park lodges. There is a community theater for musical events and live performances that are scheduled throughout the year. The Balfour offers a dedicated arts and crafts room that hosts a large array of programmed and self managed craft programs. To top it all off there is a marvelous 500 gallon salt water fish tank with colourful tropical fish from around the world. The lodge is only minutes away from shopping, restaurants, and very closet to doctors, hospitals, and many local cultural events.

The Pool at the Balfour Retirement Community

The Pool at the Balfour Retirement Community

Service second to none at the Lodge at Balfour:

What makes a retirement community among the top retirement homes in the United States, certainly service is chief among them. The Balfour is renowned for its excellent commitment to serving residents with care and professionalism. Living at the Balfour affords you the freedom to enjoy the things you love to do, while knowing that you have total peace of mind that everything is taken care of. The Balfour Concierge is on duty to serve your needs, whether it’s arranging for theater tickets, planning a picnic, or locating a new art gallery in town. You’ll find that the housekeeping and food service staff provide the warm, cheerful, attentive atmosphere you would always be delighted to have in your home at the Balfour.