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Dream Retirement Home Hot Spots – Where You Should Consider Buying The Best Retirement Homes at Basement Bargain Pricing (Part 2)

The next top 2 real estate bargains in the US are a tale of two cities. The first of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home in the United States is Denver Colorado, a city that experienced a tech bust in 2000 and never fully recovered so it never really experienced the sub prime mortgage crisis or global economic crisis. The second of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home at liquidated real estate bargains is Las Vegas Nevada that saw one of the biggest drops in property prices in the US in the past two years. One city has seen a stable yet slow growth in property prices, but presents the best of the outdoors and recreational activities with four season weather while the other city presents the glamour and excitement of a world class city poised to become one of the best places to retire. So which is the ideal place for you to retire? Do you think the best cities to buy your dream retirement home is a single family estate lot close the mountain and water? Or do you think the top real estate bargain cities for your dream retirement home is in the hustle and bustle of the amenities, shows, dining and world class shopping of Sin City? Whichever is your choice, both Denver and Las Vegas have made it onto the top 6 real estate bargain cities to purchase your dream retirement home in the United States, and this is why:

A Top US Retirement City is Denver Colorado - Affordable Denver Retirement Homes - Active Adult Living Options in the Great Outdoors

A Top US Retirement City is Denver Colorado - Affordable Denver Retirement Homes - Active Adult Living Options in the Great Outdoors

The #2 Best Real Estate Bargains for Retirement Homes is Denver Colorado

The Denver real estate market is very different from other communities in the United States. The sub prime problems and economic crisis hasn’t hit Denver Colorado real estate market as badly as most other cities, and therefore, Denver is one of the top cities to purchase your dream retirement home. Instead of the sub prime mortgage crisis issues that lead to the demise of many metropolis real estate markets plummeting in value, the Denver property market saw a huge decline during the early 2000s when the high tech bubble burst along with information services industry that collapsed. Since that time, the Denver market really never recovered, and while the rest of the big cities were increasing at 20% in value every year, Denver sat at a 4% increase with inflation. Because of this, property prices in Denver Colorado have remained very consistent and very affordable when compared to other top retirement cities in the United States. When compared to other western cities that are top retirement cities and considered real estate bargains for your dream retirement homes such as San Diego and Las Vegas, Denver makes it onto our list because the property prices are much more stable, and are on average 10 to 25% less for similar housing, making it very attractive for retirees. Denver is one of the best real estate bargain cities for retirement housing in the US, and property values only went down by five per cent during the height of the sub prime mortgage problems and global financial crisis. Buying your dream retirement home in Denver should be a good option for you if you love the outdoors. Built upon a high point in the mountains, Denver Colorado is home to some of the most amazing hiking trails, mountain resorts, horseback riding and other outdoor recreation options that make Denver a perfect retirement destination for many retirees. If sun and beach are not your thing, Denver represents the best retirement destination for you and provides great real estate bargains for your dream retirement home too. Although downtown condos in Denver have not been liquidated as much as their counterparts in other US major cities, there are huge retirement destination communities being built around the city. Some of the best places to find your retirement home in Denver Colorado that represent true real estate bargains are around Anthem Ranch, Heritage Todd Creek and Heritage Eagle Bend retirement communities. There is a lot of interest in all three of these Denver retirement homes right now, as they represent some of the best real estate bargain prices for retirees looking for outdoor adventure, healthy living and laid back lifestyles. One of the key things to remember is that there was no overbuilding of Denver real estate housing during the boom of 2001 to 2005, so there is a shortage and limited supply of listings, even now. Therefore, when the economy starts to pick up again, expect this top 6 best real estate bargain cities for dream retirement homes to skyrocket. Now is the time to consider Denver as a retirement destination.

Sin City makes it into the top US retirement real estate bargain cities - Las Vegas retirement homes and condos are now more affordable then ever.

Sin City makes it into the top US retirement real estate bargain cities - Las Vegas retirement homes and condos are now more affordable then ever.

#3 is Las Vegas Nevada for the Best Cities to Buy Your Dream Retirement Home

A much different story has unfolded in the desert of Nevada in Sin City, also known as Las Vegas. With the biggest gains in Las Vegas real estate seen in its history over the course of a decade, the biggest fallout from the sub prime mortgage crisis and the global financial crisis has been seen here, in the city that never sleeps. One of the hardest hit, the Las Vegas real estate market lost some 40 to 50% during the collapse of the property market, making Las Vegas one of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home in the US. With many investors and flippers out of the market now, and with home foreclosures higher than ever, and the second highest in the United States, there are great Las Vegas real estate bargains for retirees to snatch up. During the boom years in Las Vegas, retirement homes and destinations were the last thing that retirees thought of when it came to Sin City. Priced out of the market, many retired couples turned to such places like San Diego and Phoenix. Some of the boom years saw an increase in property values of fifty to even sixty per cent, clearly unsustainable, even for a city increasing in population like Las Vegas. Therefore, the declines have been significant as well, making the liquidated price points for retirement homes in Las Vegas much more affordable and attractive to retirees now looking for a place to retire. Las Vegas is a destination retirement city which means that it has the perfect blend of great weather, climate, proximity to pleasure, entertainment, shopping, dining, amenities and a great mix of beautiful retirement homes and luxury condos. In addition, retirees looking at the best 6 real estate bargain cities for retirement homes should note that Las Vegas is in Nevada which has no state income tax, making home buying even more affordable. With so many unsold condos and flippers getting rid of inventory through liquidations and bargain basement pricing, the downtown Las Vegas Strip retirement opportunities are endless, but you also come across a lot of competitive, auctions and multiple bids for units and suites that may be too small for your liking. Therefore, if you are serious about retiring to Las Vegas and buying your dream home in the best real estate bargain cities in the US, please check out the newer homes in the outlying areas of Providence and even Summerlin where you will find complete home warranty packages, never lived in homes and much more. If condominiums are really what you’re looking for, retirees can pick up many of the upcoming condo completion units where many investors will be looking to get out as soon as possible. Because of the sudden and wide spread drop in property prices, Las Vegas makes it onto the list of the best real estate bargains for retirement homes in the United States.

Las Vegas City Center is just one place where you can retire to along the Strip - Top US Real Estate Bargains Await

Las Vegas City Center is just one place where you can retire to along the Strip - Top US Real Estate Bargains Await

Are you curious about why Tampa and Miami Florida make it onto the top 6 list for best retirement home bargains in the US? Read the next article that explains why these are two cities you should consider for your retirement.

Review Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

A Review of the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is becoming one of the top retirement destinations in the US. It is no wonder when you consider the excellent facilities and lifestyle that residents of the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem enjoy. It is time to relax and enjoy life at the Brookridge retirement home, where the friendly professional staff take care of the every day, while you enjoy the active lifestyle that you have deserved for many years. The campas of the Brookridge retirement active community is magnificent, and you truly feel like you have left the hustle and bustle behind. The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston offers many activities and facilities for you to enjoy your retirement, and is considered one of the top retirement homes in the Winston-Salem area. You can enjoy golf, go on plenty of nature walks, then enjoy an afternoon in the club house or library. And at the end of each day, there is no need to worry about meal preparation or clean up, as the incredible staff at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem will do it all for you.

An active lifestyle at Brookridge

Your complete health is considered at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem, from your body to your mind and spirit. All the activities are diverse and fully inclusive of your stay at this top retirement home. Many activities are planned and include such things as social events, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and holidays. A typical week schedule includes craft days, ceramics, neddlework, as well as book clubs, shopping trips, bridge games, and even trips to local events, historic places and cultural sites. The Brookrdige even encourages and can help arrange for you to volunteer at any number of local service agencies, or devote your time to visiting assisted living and nursing care residents on the campus. The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem also cares about your spiritual health, and religious services are provided my the on site Brookridge chaplain.

A popular and consderate facility is the accommodation of overnight family or friends at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem. The Brookridge considers that families are important, and they love to see children, grand children and family members visiting their loved ones at Brookridge.

Naturally there is a full range of activities for residents of this top retirement community in Winston-Salem. All activities are ongoing, and include such things as biking, hiking, walking or jogging. There are also water based activities for residents such as aerobics, and organized classes at the state of the art therapy and fitness center.

In the heart of the triad of North Carolina’s Attractions:

The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem is located in the very center of the famous Piedmont Traid, half way between the coast and the blue ridge mountains. Within minutes of the campas are a myriad of cultural, athletic, recreational and shopping attractions. At least twice a year people from around the world and across the country come to participate in the International Furniture Market in high point. There are also minor league baseball teams that play full summer schedules in Greensboro and in Winston-Salem. You can read about a full host of acivities that are available in the area by going to the Winston-Salem visitors center, online at

A perfect location, and perhaps Winston-Salem’s best kept secret.

The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem is located on 46 magnificent wooded acres in the shadow of the Wake Forrest University. It is a well established active adult retirement home that is perfectly located in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point area.

Residence options for living at the Brookridge Retirement Community.

There is an ideal home for every resident at the Brookridge Retirement Community, from active adult homes, to ideal facilities for assisted living. Some of the options include: Garden Homes, which are considered excellent choices for active seniors who want to keep their independence and comfortable lifestyles. The 2 bedroom homes range from 1150 to 1400 square feet, and also have convenient living dining areas in addition to a full kitchen. There is even the option for a florida room a screened porch or even a carport or garage.

A typical Garden Home Floor Plan at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem:

Garden Home at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Garden Home at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Another popular option for those on a tighter budget are the apartment homes, these are located in the middle of the campus, and include studios, one bedroom, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom deluxe homes. These lovely homes range up to 1200 square feet, and have all the modern conveniences that you would expect.

Some of the Amenities offered at Brookridge:

Brookridge retirement home in Salem Winston offers a broad array of amenities to enhance the quality of life for its active and growing adult population.

  • Brookridge is a gated community with a monitored entrance and 24-hour security. This ensures your safety and keeps away unwanted guests.
  • Scheduled activities include social, cultural, recreational, educational, health and wellness, and inspirational programs and events.
  • A campus chaplain directs religious services and programs.
  • Residents have complete access to activity areas, including lounges, library, auditorium, chapel, indoor swimming pool, and fitness area. Also available on-site are a convenience store, bank, beauty/barber shop.
  • Brookridge offers full dining services to include lunch time buffet dining, evening service dining, a cafe for casual dining and private dining rooms for special occasions.
  • Brookridge provides regularly scheduled transportation to shopping areas, churches, and social events. This is very popular with residents.

Contact the Brookridge Retirement Community:

The staff at the Brookrdige would love to talk to you about your requirements, and offer you a tour of the facility. You can contact them at 336-759-1044, ask to speak to someone in the admissions or customer care teams.
1199 Hayes Forest Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Highland Green Retirement Resort

An Adult Resort Community and Golf Club

Recently AOL voted the Highland Green Retirement Resort as one of the top 14 best places to retire. The established magazine “Where to Retire” also voted that Highland Green was one of the TOP 100 best master planned communities where to retire. Highland Green is considered more than just an active retirement community, but a true adult resort community offering amenities and features that are rarely found in a typical retirement home.  Highland Green offers a chance for retirees and residents to live in lovely new homes within a community of similar like minded retirees.  The community also takes care of all indoor and outdoor upkeep. Highland Green is an attractive place to retire, and ideal for retirees who had long considered Maine a great choice for retirement. The community has a golf course and a club house, and a truly unique feature is its renowned nature preserve. Residents at Highland Green can expect to see numerous local animals including beaver, fox, and porcupine.

The Homes at Highland Green

The lifestyle of Maine has been built into and around the homes at Highland Green. The architecture of the homes draw inspiration from the classic New England landscape. The lovely homes are the ideal compliment to the natural surroundings where they lay. There are 8 home styles offered in the new construction neighbourhood, and also the option to design a custom home that offers turn-key ready to move in condition. There is a home for every taste and budget.

Homes at Highland Green

Homes at Highland Green

Highland Green and the Environment:

Highland Green Retirement Resort is proud to offer a full-range of green building options with all of their home construction. The green building initiative is part of a larger commitment to sustainability, which includes preserving open space, implementing a comprehensive recycling program and offering wellness activities for residents and staff, among other items.

From first class green certified lumber to solar panels and drought-tolerant landscaping, Highland Green is again setting the example of responsible development. They also offer a comprehensive EnergyStar® and LEED® certification building package. The following are some of the green building and healthy living options available at Highland Green. Green Building Options at Highland Green include Photovoltaic solar systems (electric) - Solar hot water systems, excellent energy efficient windows and doors, energy Star-rated appliances included standard in all homes - modern Compact Fluorescent lighting - Programmable thermostats. Highland Green homes also offer Low or no VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. Certified lumber, Cellulose attic insulation, Recycled content carpet and Drought-tolerant landscaping. The homes also feature Health-Smart Building Options, Central air purification and ventilation systems and Central-vacuum systems

Ammenities and Services offered at Highland Green

Active living is at its best at Highland Green, there is a wide array of services and amenities offered within this premiere Adult retirement resort. Some of the outstanding amenities include; Preferred access to the Highland Green Golf Club including priority tee times and membership discounts. The Highland Green Community Center including the pool, tennis courts, croquet court, fitness center, conference room and social gathering spaces. The Wild Duck Pub, a cozy and popular place to meet and socialize. There are over 230 acres of conservation land including the Heath Sanctuary and the Cathance River Preserve offering over seven miles of hiking trails. Right at your door is the Ecology Center, located at Preserve trailhead. Of course there are miles of maintained walking, hiking and cross-country skiing trails right outside your door; nearby extensive biking trails. Highland Green retirement resort really has it all, making it one of the best places to retire in not only Maine, but in all of the United States.

Highland Green also offers Community events & activities calendar and resources. Exceptional private catering services. Priority access to housing and service options of The Highlands Retirement Community. There will also be Shuttle service and Golf Learning Center coming in 2008.

Some of the other services that are offered at Highland Green include 24 hour on-call maintenance, External scheduled maintenance including painting and window cleaning, Preventive maintenance on covered mechanical systems and of course Water and sewer services. Saftey is a priority with Safety system monitoring by Cunningham Security including smoke detectors, sprinklers, and low interior temperature. Home check and security program for absentee owners. Property Insurance offering peace of mind. Highland Green also offers Scheduled lawn care and landscape maintenance services, Rubbish removal and recycling services, and Snow removal services.

Location and Community of Highland Green.

Highland Green Location in Maine

Highland Green Location in Maine

The Mid Coast of Maine surrounds Highland Green.

The sparkling water of Casco Bay beckons sailors, fishermen, and visitors from all over the world, and each village and town is proud of its traditions. Bath, Brunswick, and Freeport are just minutes away from Highland Green, as are the homes of Bowdoin College, the Maine Maritime Museum, Maine State Music Theatre, Bowdoin Summer Music Festival and outlet shopping galore anchored by the famous retail store LL Bean.

The Mid Coast villages and towns of Maine invite you to wander through antique and unique gift shops, relax in a cafe, enjoy a gourmet meal or stroll through the historic residential districts of ship captains’ homes and stately Federal and Greek Revival mansions.   Once you experience the allure of Mid Coast Maine, you won’t want to leave, and you don’t have to. Discover the lifestyle at Highland Green that can be yours, and you will stay forever.

The prestigious Highland Green Golf Club

The Highland Green Golf Club

The Highland Green Golf Club

Highland Green Golf Club is a Scottish-style course offering the perfect blend of nature and design in the heart of the Highland Green grounds. Open to the public, the course was built and will be maintained through environmentally sensitive land management to ensure the health of the surrounding woodlands and wildlife.

The Scottish-style course is located on the Coastal Connector in Topsham, Maine and part of the Highland Green Adult Resort Community. A lodge-style clubhouse, Wild Duck Pub, putting green and golf shop are part of the facilities. The Highland Green Golf Club features a challenging nine-hole course nestled in a 650-acre expanse of Midcoast Maine. The Scottish-style course is located on the Coastal Connector in Topsham, Maine and part of the Highland Green Adult Resort Community. A lodge-style clubhouse, Wild Duck Pub, putting green and golf shop are part of the facilities. The course was built to blend naturally with the beautifully rugged terrain of Midcoast Maine. Instead of bulldozing and removing features like rock outcroppings and natural ridgelines, these features were incorporated into the design to add to the challenge and uniqueness of the course.

Willow Shores Retirement Community - Northern California

Comming in 2009-2010 will be the latest jewel in the crown of renowned retirement community developer Del Webb, the Willow Shores Retirement New Homes. This spectacular retirement community designed for 55+ will be one that well establishes Del Webb’s reputation for unsurpasses lifestyles along with quality construction and a unique way of life perfect for those active adults in retirement. Del Webb develops some of the best retirement communities in the United States.

The new Willow Shores Retirement Community will be situated in a unique lake setting, offering residents the magnificience of nature with close proximity to facilities, shops and recreation options. With its great location in Northern California Willow Shores is located inside the exclusive Westlake master planned community near Stockton. Willow Shores Retirement Village is located just of interstate 5 and eight mile road, which gives residents easy access to the bay area, including San Francisco and San Jose. Sacremento is also within easy driving distance, making it a great option for retirees who are looking for that retirement new home that is within a drivable distance for family and friends. Even Lake Tahoe is a managable drive away, allowing residents of the Willow Shores excellent access to a variety of winter sports and activities. The community of Willow Shores in Northern California is bordered on 2 of its sides by the San Joaquin Delta, making it only minutes from Paradise Point Marina. This affords those discerning residents of this exclusive community the luxury of being able to moore a boat within a short drive of the Willow Shores Retirement Home.

Del Webb is planning a wide range of single story homes with various plans and exterior styles and elevations. A Del Webb signature is its attention to detail in crafting beautiful homes that for some become the dream home they always wanted. Features will include large great rooms, perfect for family gatherings, and gourmet kitchens - perfect for learning to become that gourmet chef that you always wanted to become. The homes will have hard wood floors, air conditioning, and wheel chair accessible bathrooms. Other luxury features of the homes at Willow Shores Retirement Community include oversized windows, 10 foot ceilings in some homes and spa inspired master en-suites. Of course all the homes are within easy access of the planned recreation club house.

At the hub of the Willow Shores Retirement Facility will be the spectacular state-of-the-art recreation center. This stunning retirement facility will feature many lifestyle opportunities for the discerning retiree or retirement senior. The facility will feature a large multi-purpose room for large gatherings, social events and community events, and social programms. Plus there will be social kitchens designed for group gatherings, perfect for those cooking classes you have always wanted to take.

The beautiful common club house at Willow Shores Retirement Community will also feature a billiard room, craft studio, fitness center and swimming pools. The retirement club house will be staffed by a team of professional senior care facilitators who are there for your comfort and safety. Outside the community club house there will be tennis courts, bocce areas, and of course ample walking and bicycling trails. There will be several easily accessibly lake areas for recreational boating. The Willow Shores Retirement Property is only minutes away from many signature golf courses.

The Willow Shores Retirement Community in Northern California will bet yet another example of the excellence that Del Webb has brought to retirement new homes in the United States. With a reputation for quality and service that is second to none your choice in a retirement home at Willow Shores will be an investment in your lifestyle and retirement.