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Best Retirement Home Bargains in the US – Can They Be Located in Florida? (Part 3)

The beginning of the US sub prime fallout and catastrophe was the collapse of the Florida real estate market. Beginning with Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the Florida property markets starting folding. At some point, parts of Miami saw property price declines in double digits in a single month. Spreading from Miami, cities like Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale also saw the effects of a super heated real estate market place with unsustainable increases/capital gains, insufficient population, poor economic fundamentals and overbuilding of condos. With the rapid increase in Florida real estate prices, saw a complete spike the other way during the sub prime mortgage downturn, that to this day has not even started the recovery phase. Because of the huge decrease in prices, Florida’s Miami and Tampa real estate markets becomes the fourth and fifth best retirement home bargains in the US. When looking at the best real estate bargain cities for dream retirement homes in the United States, we analyzed such things as economic fundamentals moving forward, inventory, supply and demand as well as population growth. After these factors were examined, both Miami and Tampa made it onto the best retirement home bargains in the US simply because they remain hot areas for retirees, great weather, and liquidated basement bargain housing prices now. Read more about these top two cities for retirees below and see if they fit within your needs and requirements for your silver years.

Retiring in Miami can be fun, exciting and now very affordable with a huge glut of unsold condo inventory.

Retiring in Miami can be fun, exciting and now very affordable with a huge glut of unsold condo inventory.

The Best Retirement Home Bargains are Located in Miami Florida

Miami represents different things to different people. For retirees, the thought of buying a dream retirement home in Miami Florida in 2005 was a distant dream, never to be realized. However, because of the sub prime mortgage breakdown that hit Florida, and Miami real estate market especially hard, the city now has some liquidated property and basement bargain priced condos that may be an ideal fit for any retiree looking to live the high-style life. With over building, developers have increased the condo inventory in the Miami real estate market four fold, meaning that it would probably take at least another 2 years or so before all of the condo inventory is snatched up by prospective homebuyers and retirees looking for affordable retirement homes and bargain real estate. As one of the best cities to find real estate bargains, retirement homes in Miami are now affordable and quite attractive even to middle class earners. Life was definitely a party in Miami Florida during the boom when the city enjoyed some of the most massive gains in property prices for about 10 years, sometimes even double digit increases in a hot month. However, since the sub prime mortgage debacle hit Miami Florida, things have been less rosy in this top 6 best real estate bargain cities for buying your dream retirement home in the United States. It’s definitely a buyers’ market and will continue to be for a while. According to the latest statistics, the Miami condo real estate market is down a staggering 22% compared to last year and the sales volume has also completed stalled. 2008 say a decline in 40% in terms of Miami condo sales and single detached homes in this Florida city and the number of foreclosures and condo buyers walking away from their preconstruction condo contracts ballooned to frightening numbers, keeping lawyers very busy. Because of this implosion, the city of Miami becomes one of the best cities to buy retirement home bargains in the United States. With property prices hovering and stabilizing somewhat about 40 to 50% below market value during the peak, retirees looking for bargain retirement homes should look no further.

Affordable Miami Retirement Homes and Communities are now completing with basement bargain real estate prices being offered.

Affordable Miami Retirement Homes and Communities are now completing with basement bargain real estate prices being offered.

Why Retire in Miami? How Can You Find the Best Miami Retirement Home?

With still a huge glut of unsold condo inventory, Miami condo liquidations have increased as high-rise tower residences are now completing and Miami retirement homes and condominiums are listed in such great numbers that you can take the wait and see approach or even the low-ball offer approach to get the best deals. With such attractive condo listings and even single family homes listed at all time lows, the best city to buy a retirement home bargain will give you the best bang for your buck. Some of the most attractive retirement home bargains in Miami Florida will be in enclaves and neighborhoods that are retiree friendly and include such please as Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbor and even Aventura, all north of the city. If you prefer something more inland, but still within a short drive away from Miami center, retirees should look for the best liquidated home prices in such places as Coral Gables where you can buy retirement home bargains in Miami proper. Part of the intrigue for retiring in Miami Florida is the great warm weather, the beaches, the entertainment/nightlife, shopping/dining and world class amenities and services. You can get the best of all worlds if you find a bargain in MacArthur Causeway or Miami Beach, but more of the retirement homes are still overly inflated due to foreign investors. Here you can pay as much as one thousand dollars per square foot, but just several blocks away in neighboring communities, US retirees can find liquidated Miami retirement home bargains for as little as two hundred dollars per square foot. As well, the Miami retirement homes are considered to be one of the top 6 real estate bargains for retirement because there are many new properties for sale.

Providing a beautiful retirement setting is Tampa Florida, where you can now find basement bargain real estate opportunities.

Providing a beautiful retirement setting is Tampa Florida, where you can now find basement bargain real estate opportunities.

Tampa Retirement Home Bargains On The Rise

With a drop in Tampa housing prices by as much as 17.5% in the last year, basement bargain retirement homes in Tampa Florida are now creeping up and making the city along the Gulf Coast some of the most attractive retirement destinations for upcoming retiring adults. With active living as one of the most common themes for retirees moving to Tampa Bay in Florida, the city has seen a larger influx of adult living communities and bargain hunters in the past decade. Some realtors examine the Tampa real estate market with Miami’s and conclude that the former has values about half that of it’s larger sister, making it much more affordable retirement community for active adults. Unlike the lavish and quite pretentious manors and estate homes along Miami Beach, the Tampa retirement home bargains are in the form of single family homes and large lots that give you plenty of space. In addition, the Tampa retirement home bargains are located in quieter neighborhoods and communities, making Tampa Bay one of the top 6 cities to find your affordable dream retirement home today. During the boom years between 2001 and 2005, the Tampa property market increased double fold, making it a hot market amongst speculative investors who flocked out of the market shortly afterwards. Leaving behind their inventory and foreclosed homes, Tampa is well positioned to rebound quickly after the sub prime mortgage crisis because of its strong and diversified economy and other population fundamentals are that are absent in many of the other top 6 real estate bargain cities in our list of top retirement cities to find bargain real estate. Because the drop in property values happened suddenly and very early on, most of the hit has already been taken and some analysts even believe that the city’s median housing price should rise by twenty per cent over the next five years. For bargain retirement homes hunters in Tampa Florida, check out Clearwater or St. Petersburg that provide beautiful estate homes along golf courses. Times are a changing in Tampa, so get in on the action, do your research and find those bargain Tampa retirement homes throughout the city.

Waterfront Tampa Retirement Homes and Condos Now Available.

Waterfront Tampa Retirement Homes and Condos Now Available.

This concludes the 2 most affordable and best Florida retirement home bargain cities article. We continue our search of the top 6 real estate bargain cities in the next article which finishes with San Diego California.

Dream Retirement Home Hot Spots – Where You Should Consider Buying The Best Retirement Homes at Basement Bargain Pricing (Part 2)

The next top 2 real estate bargains in the US are a tale of two cities. The first of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home in the United States is Denver Colorado, a city that experienced a tech bust in 2000 and never fully recovered so it never really experienced the sub prime mortgage crisis or global economic crisis. The second of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home at liquidated real estate bargains is Las Vegas Nevada that saw one of the biggest drops in property prices in the US in the past two years. One city has seen a stable yet slow growth in property prices, but presents the best of the outdoors and recreational activities with four season weather while the other city presents the glamour and excitement of a world class city poised to become one of the best places to retire. So which is the ideal place for you to retire? Do you think the best cities to buy your dream retirement home is a single family estate lot close the mountain and water? Or do you think the top real estate bargain cities for your dream retirement home is in the hustle and bustle of the amenities, shows, dining and world class shopping of Sin City? Whichever is your choice, both Denver and Las Vegas have made it onto the top 6 real estate bargain cities to purchase your dream retirement home in the United States, and this is why:

A Top US Retirement City is Denver Colorado - Affordable Denver Retirement Homes - Active Adult Living Options in the Great Outdoors

A Top US Retirement City is Denver Colorado - Affordable Denver Retirement Homes - Active Adult Living Options in the Great Outdoors

The #2 Best Real Estate Bargains for Retirement Homes is Denver Colorado

The Denver real estate market is very different from other communities in the United States. The sub prime problems and economic crisis hasn’t hit Denver Colorado real estate market as badly as most other cities, and therefore, Denver is one of the top cities to purchase your dream retirement home. Instead of the sub prime mortgage crisis issues that lead to the demise of many metropolis real estate markets plummeting in value, the Denver property market saw a huge decline during the early 2000s when the high tech bubble burst along with information services industry that collapsed. Since that time, the Denver market really never recovered, and while the rest of the big cities were increasing at 20% in value every year, Denver sat at a 4% increase with inflation. Because of this, property prices in Denver Colorado have remained very consistent and very affordable when compared to other top retirement cities in the United States. When compared to other western cities that are top retirement cities and considered real estate bargains for your dream retirement homes such as San Diego and Las Vegas, Denver makes it onto our list because the property prices are much more stable, and are on average 10 to 25% less for similar housing, making it very attractive for retirees. Denver is one of the best real estate bargain cities for retirement housing in the US, and property values only went down by five per cent during the height of the sub prime mortgage problems and global financial crisis. Buying your dream retirement home in Denver should be a good option for you if you love the outdoors. Built upon a high point in the mountains, Denver Colorado is home to some of the most amazing hiking trails, mountain resorts, horseback riding and other outdoor recreation options that make Denver a perfect retirement destination for many retirees. If sun and beach are not your thing, Denver represents the best retirement destination for you and provides great real estate bargains for your dream retirement home too. Although downtown condos in Denver have not been liquidated as much as their counterparts in other US major cities, there are huge retirement destination communities being built around the city. Some of the best places to find your retirement home in Denver Colorado that represent true real estate bargains are around Anthem Ranch, Heritage Todd Creek and Heritage Eagle Bend retirement communities. There is a lot of interest in all three of these Denver retirement homes right now, as they represent some of the best real estate bargain prices for retirees looking for outdoor adventure, healthy living and laid back lifestyles. One of the key things to remember is that there was no overbuilding of Denver real estate housing during the boom of 2001 to 2005, so there is a shortage and limited supply of listings, even now. Therefore, when the economy starts to pick up again, expect this top 6 best real estate bargain cities for dream retirement homes to skyrocket. Now is the time to consider Denver as a retirement destination.

Sin City makes it into the top US retirement real estate bargain cities - Las Vegas retirement homes and condos are now more affordable then ever.

Sin City makes it into the top US retirement real estate bargain cities - Las Vegas retirement homes and condos are now more affordable then ever.

#3 is Las Vegas Nevada for the Best Cities to Buy Your Dream Retirement Home

A much different story has unfolded in the desert of Nevada in Sin City, also known as Las Vegas. With the biggest gains in Las Vegas real estate seen in its history over the course of a decade, the biggest fallout from the sub prime mortgage crisis and the global financial crisis has been seen here, in the city that never sleeps. One of the hardest hit, the Las Vegas real estate market lost some 40 to 50% during the collapse of the property market, making Las Vegas one of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home in the US. With many investors and flippers out of the market now, and with home foreclosures higher than ever, and the second highest in the United States, there are great Las Vegas real estate bargains for retirees to snatch up. During the boom years in Las Vegas, retirement homes and destinations were the last thing that retirees thought of when it came to Sin City. Priced out of the market, many retired couples turned to such places like San Diego and Phoenix. Some of the boom years saw an increase in property values of fifty to even sixty per cent, clearly unsustainable, even for a city increasing in population like Las Vegas. Therefore, the declines have been significant as well, making the liquidated price points for retirement homes in Las Vegas much more affordable and attractive to retirees now looking for a place to retire. Las Vegas is a destination retirement city which means that it has the perfect blend of great weather, climate, proximity to pleasure, entertainment, shopping, dining, amenities and a great mix of beautiful retirement homes and luxury condos. In addition, retirees looking at the best 6 real estate bargain cities for retirement homes should note that Las Vegas is in Nevada which has no state income tax, making home buying even more affordable. With so many unsold condos and flippers getting rid of inventory through liquidations and bargain basement pricing, the downtown Las Vegas Strip retirement opportunities are endless, but you also come across a lot of competitive, auctions and multiple bids for units and suites that may be too small for your liking. Therefore, if you are serious about retiring to Las Vegas and buying your dream home in the best real estate bargain cities in the US, please check out the newer homes in the outlying areas of Providence and even Summerlin where you will find complete home warranty packages, never lived in homes and much more. If condominiums are really what you’re looking for, retirees can pick up many of the upcoming condo completion units where many investors will be looking to get out as soon as possible. Because of the sudden and wide spread drop in property prices, Las Vegas makes it onto the list of the best real estate bargains for retirement homes in the United States.

Las Vegas City Center is just one place where you can retire to along the Strip - Top US Real Estate Bargains Await

Las Vegas City Center is just one place where you can retire to along the Strip - Top US Real Estate Bargains Await

Are you curious about why Tampa and Miami Florida make it onto the top 6 list for best retirement home bargains in the US? Read the next article that explains why these are two cities you should consider for your retirement.

The Top 6 Real Estate Bargains for Your Dream Retirement Home (Part 1)

The world has not seen a global economic crisis like this, and for folks living in the United States, it has certainly hit home. This article examines the top 6 real estate bargain cities for you to consider for your dream retirement home (basically, the best cities to buy your retirement home). With so much talk about retiring overseas and enjoy your adult living years on the beach or on top of the mountain, the recent global economic crisis has certainly opened up many more options for retirees to buy their dream retirement homes right here in the US in six real estate bargain cities. Whether you are looking for large family mansions or smaller beachfront condos, the top 6 retirement home bargains are listed below in now particular order, but present the same theme: liquidated real estate prices that make for an attractive purchase opportunity for empty nesters and retired couples seeking to stay in the US for their retirement years. For those who have been trying to find the best cities to buy your retirement home overseas, this may be your only opportunity to rethink your retirement approach, and look closer to home. For those who have always wanted to stay in the US, maybe now is the time to take that leap of faith and do your research into the best cities to buy your retirement home in one of these 6 top real estate bargain cities. Regardless of where you want to retire or move to, you cannot dismiss this liquidated real estate prices that in the end are very good deals and allows you to stay in a safe and secure economic and politically stable country. Your plans of buying a dream retirement home bargain can come true now. With many home builders and developers discounting their new homes, you can even get a great deal or bargain on a new dream retirement home right here in a state or city real estate market that may be within driving distance from where you are now. And best yet, these top 6 real estate bargain cities may take a few more months or even a year to fully recover, giving you the time to plan your retirement and decide on which liquidated bargain dream retirement home is best suited for your future lifestyle and requirements. According to the latest home consumer index, the best cities to buy your retirement home in the United States (to build or purchase your dream retirement home) includes: Phoenix, Arizon, Denver, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, Florida, Tampa, Florida, and San Diego, California. Here is the first best cities to buy your dream retirement home at liquidated bargain pricing.

One of the top US cities to find retirement real estate bargains is Phoenix Arizona

One of the top US cities to find retirement real estate bargains is Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona Is One Of The Best Places to Buy Your Dream Retirement Home – Bargain City #1

When it comes to plummeting real estate prices, Phoenix Arizona definitely was hit worse than most other major cities in the United States. However, with the combination of great weather, tonnes of recreational activities, huge estate homes and lots and a burgeoning retirement community, Phoenix Arizona makes it onto the list of Top 6 Real Estate Bargains for Your Dream Retirement Home. During the past 12 to 18 months, Phoenix real estate prices have dropped by at least 20% (twenty per cent) up to even 50% (fifty per cent) in some areas. With a great combination of sun and golf, the Phoenix Arizona real estate community will always be desirable as a retirement city, and with the global economy fast recovering, this city may see the biggest rebound in property prices in the entire country. As Phoenix Arizona is one of the best places to buy your dream home because of its market stability and influx of retirees (even in 2006, the condo prices went up a staggering 15% in just one year), these great economic and location fundamentals still didn’t shield it from the biggest subprime blow up and financial crisis that we have seen in decades. During the worst times, Phoenix Arizona real estate prices went down double digits for 2 consecutive years, and home foreclosures in Phoenix have skyrocketed more than 300%. However, because of this, property values have become much more affordable to retirees, and therefore, one of the best cities to buy your dream retirement home. These real estate bargains in Phoenix Arizona will not last long, as the numbers of retirees and retired couples moving into the city have not decreased. Actually, Arizona as a state has become the second most attractive state in the US for retirees to move for their retirement, leaping past California just recently this decade, and that has not changed whatsoever.

Affordable Phoenix retirement homes, golf resorts and active living communities provide basement bargain pricing now.

Affordable Phoenix retirement homes, golf resorts and active living communities provide basement bargain pricing now.

Why Choose Phoenix Retirement Homes Now?

As a top 6 real estate bargain city to purchase your dream retirement home in Phoenix Arizona, we would suggest staying away from downtown city center properties, as most of them are condos and have kept better value during this housing downturn. You won’t find the best basement bargain liquidated pricing in the downtown Phoenix corridor, but if you move out to the master planned communities around the city, you will find the best bargain price points for your retirement home. Some of the best Phoenix adult oriented communities where you can find the best retirement home bargain pricing includes Palm Valley, Anthem and Avondale, which are neighborhoods built for retirees to begin with, and have seen a significant 20 to 30% drop in property prices over the past 2 years. So for $1M back in 2006, you can probably find the best city for your dream retirement home listed at only $600k to $700k now, much more affordable for you during your retirement years. With housing stock still high, these liquidated bargain price points for your dream Phoenix retirement home will likely stay until the end of the year, but interest is definitely increasing. From an adult education university to the ASU Lifelong Learning Academy and from the Sun City Anthem forty eight thousand sf recreation center and over 150 golf courses in and around the Phoenix Arizona real estate district, retirees will definitely find that it is one of the best cities to buy your retirement home, and possibly a top 6 real estate bargain city to find the best retirement value for you and your family.

The other cities in Arizona that may present bargains on retirement homes include Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe where real estate values have also plummeted between 20% and 40%.

Is this information useful? If so, please read the next article that talks about the second and third best cities to buy your retirement home in these highly liquidated bargain real estate markets in the US.

Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto Luxury Retirement

Review of the Classic Residence Retirement Community by Hyatt in Palo Alto. A luxury retirement lifestyle.

Hyatt Classic Residence Palo Alto

Hyatt Classic Residence Palo Alto

Gone are the days when retiring conjured up images of sitting alone in a small, dark room with little to do that pass time, those fortunate enough to enjoy a luxury retirement need look no further than the offerings of the Hyatt Classic Residences. The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto has fast become a notable choice for discerning retirees, many accelerating their retirement plans to secure a home at this top retirement community in California.  The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto’s location directly adjacent to Stanford University and is conveniently located to attractions that include Stanford Shopping Center, Napa and Sonoma Valleys, theaters, parks, historic sites and fine dining.

Arriving in the incredible and magnificent great room at Classic Residence Retirement Community by Hyatt in Palo Alto you know immediately that you have stepped into one of the best retirement communities in the United States, and among the top retirement home in California.

A top retirement home for now and the future:

The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto California is a top continuing care community that offers total peace of mind. Should a future need develop for assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, or skilled nursing care, residents who are covered under a continuing care contract pay the same monthly fee for these services charged for their independent living home, with only an additional charge for extra meals and ancillary items. The on-site care center features private accommodations for residential assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and skilled nursing care. So residents can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle today with the knowledge that you have planned well for the future, making this one of the best retirement communities in the united states.

Service Excellence at this top retirement home in Palo Alto managed by Hyatt

Once you make your home at Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto you never need to worry about a thing. You can relax and live life to the full. Make the most of your retirement with numerous services that are designed around you. Among many of the fabulous features and services offered at Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto are the superior culinary programs under the direction of the executive chef, Weekly light housekeeping and bed linen services, Maintenance services, Concierge assistance for anything you might need, Complimentary valet parking for residents and guests. Scheduled transportation, Move-in coordination services, An wide variety of social, recreational, educational and cultural programs, A terrific selection of fitness programs, including exercise classes, walking programs and aqua aerobics classes and ultimate Peace of mind knowing that there is convenient access to quality assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and skilled nursing care on site, if needed either now or in the future.

Luxury at the Hyatt Classic Retirement Home in Palo Alto

Luxury at the Hyatt Classic Retirement Home in Palo Alto

Floor Plans at the Classic Residence Retirement Community by Hyatt in California

The Classic Residence Retirement Community by Hyatt in Palo Alto offers some of the most spacious and luxurious homes available for active retirement in luxury. There are spacious one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and 3 bedroom homes. Each of these incredible homes feature spacious balconies or patios, top of the line kitchens including kitchen aid appliances, maple cabinets featuring vertical storage and lazy susans. The main living rooms feature luxury carpet while the bathrooms have incredible imported Italian porcelain, which is also used in the kitchens. Many of the homes feature lovely warm gas fireplaces. The luxury spa inspired bathrooms are just like those you would find in a luxury Hyatt hotel, with marble countertops and custom vanities. You can also expect to find luxury features such as

  • Spacious walk-in closet(s)
  • High end Washer and dryer
  • All utilities included, except telephone
  • Individual climate control for your personal comfort
  • Emergency response system in all baths; portable pendant included - monitored 24/7
  • High-speed (broadband) Internet accessibility including WIFI
  • Cable television

Palo Alto Floor Plans - El Dorado - 4,212 square feet 3 bedroom with den and family room, 3.5 bath

Palo Alto Floor Plans - El Dorado - 4,212 square feet 3 bedroom with den and family room, 3.5 bath

Among all of the incredible floor plans this one really stood out as exceptional. At over 4200 square feet this is more like a luxury mansion than a retirement home. Featuring both formal and informal living spaces it is perfect for entertaining the family over the holidays, or enjoying the company of extended stay guests. the master bedroom at this luxury Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto has been cleverly designed to allow for 2 separate sleeping spaces that are adjoining.

Ammenities second to none at this top retirement home

Retirement is about looking forward to a comfortable and vibrant life, one where you can experience new things, in a nurturing and enjoyable environment. At the top retirement community Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto you will have access to a full range of amenities that set the standard for fine retirement living. Among some of these luxury features you will enjoy a Living room with fireplace, perfect for reading; Well-stocked library a high tech Computer room with high-speed Internet access. There is also a Fully equipped fitness center a luxurious Heated indoor pool and whirlpool; Full-service spa with regular staffed treatment rooms; Walking/bicycle paths througout the grounds; Club-style dining room with courtyard for alfresco dining with stunning menu options; Elegant private dining room for entertaining family and friends; Intimate private wine-tasting room, bring your own wine, or sample some from our cellar.Bistro for casual dining and a intimate Club room.

Certainly one of the best features, and one of the most notable about this top retirement community is the proximity to one of the most famous universities in the United States, Stanford University. Plus there are numerous other restaurants, gardens, and shopping centers right on your doorstep.

Balfour Retirement Community Boulder County

A Review of the Balfour Lodge and Retirement Home

The Balfour retirement community / Balfour Lodge is fast becoming known as one of the best retirement communities in Colorado, and perhaps one of the top retirement homes in the United States. The Balfour positions itself as a new generation of retirement living. The Balfour actually provides for both independent living and assisted living at their magnificent campus in East Boulder County.

The Lodge at Balfour Retirement community for independent living and assisted living is designed for seniors who are looking for an award winning residential community with a full range of on-site services There are countless enticements at Balfour which make a contender for the best retirement home in Colorado. The Balfour offers full days and nights, in a beautiful surroundings and with professional care. It is a truly a place that any active retiree would be proud to call home.

The Residences at Balfour Rocky Mountains is a locally owned facility that is specially designed for the needs of its residents. The Balfour retirement community offers residents a complete menu of services from independent living to full assisted living, complete with professional health care in addition to memory care. What makes the Balfour unique and especially appealing is that as a residents needs change over time so too can the care, without any need to relocate or look for an alternative home.

This is great assurance to residents and families, that the Balfour Retirement Home is able to offer true peace of mind for all. There is no need to go through the stress of looking for a different home as your needs change. The Balfour is a top retirement community, that offers a true place to call home, for life in your senior years.

Active Living at the Balfour Retirement Community in Colorado

Active Living at the Balfour Retirement Community in Colorado

Independent Living at the Balfour - a life of luxury and care

The positioning of the Balfour retirement community in Colorado, is that “You have lived a magnificent life, and you are ready for more” - and this is evident in every aspect of this remarkable retirement home. One of the centerpieces of this top retirement community is the spectacular lodge. The Lodge at Balfour pays tribute to the great national park traditions, with a authentic western flavour. At the Balfour retirement home in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains independent living means that you are surrounded by beautiful surroundings. The lodge at the Balfour is a place you will be proud to call home, and a place you will be proud to entertain your family and friends. There is a great emphasis on communal spaces that encourage a sense of personal growth and friendship among all that gather there.

Balfour Retirement Community - gracious living for life

When the designers of the Balfour first set out they wanted to design this top retirement community in Colorado as if it were their own home. They stated with notable architecture and an unmatched park like setting. The landscaping is expansive, as are the ponds and flower beds. There is a central magnificent courtyard, all adding up to a wonderful environment that you will be comfortable in during your active retirement.

The Apartments at the Balfour

Each of the residences at the Balfour are large and well lit, with spacious walk in closets, and full modern kitchens equipped with the very latest in conveniences and technology. Each home also has an installed washer and dryer. Almost all of these lovely homes have patios or balconies. In addition to the wide selection of apartments there are an exclusive number of 2 bedrooms cottages that feature large living rooms, fireplaces and one car garages.

Floor Plan at the Balfour Retirement Community

Floor Plan at the Balfour Retirement Community

The Good Life at Balfour Retirement Community Boulder Colorado

While your home is well equipped to cook your own meals, you will have little motivation or need to do so. The kitchen and lodge is staffed with top chefs that are ready to delight you at every meal. You can actually eat almost any time you would like in the magnificent Aspen Grill, where you can even entertain your guests in style. There are more formal fine dining experiences in the Telluride Dining Room, that features a specialty menu that is balanced for nutrition and flavour. Breakfast is served each morning in the Dining room, a perfect way to start your day in paradise.

Amenities and Facilities at the Lodge at Balfour

Some consider that the Balfour Retirement Community is more like a spa than a Top Retirement home. The lodge also features an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, a well equipped fitness center, and many wellness and exercise programs. Of course there is Internet access, move and book clubs, classes that feature current affairs, cocktail hours, and scheduled community work. The large Great Room has a wonderful 2 story stone fireplace in the image of the great park lodges. There is a community theater for musical events and live performances that are scheduled throughout the year. The Balfour offers a dedicated arts and crafts room that hosts a large array of programmed and self managed craft programs. To top it all off there is a marvelous 500 gallon salt water fish tank with colourful tropical fish from around the world. The lodge is only minutes away from shopping, restaurants, and very closet to doctors, hospitals, and many local cultural events.

The Pool at the Balfour Retirement Community

The Pool at the Balfour Retirement Community

Service second to none at the Lodge at Balfour:

What makes a retirement community among the top retirement homes in the United States, certainly service is chief among them. The Balfour is renowned for its excellent commitment to serving residents with care and professionalism. Living at the Balfour affords you the freedom to enjoy the things you love to do, while knowing that you have total peace of mind that everything is taken care of. The Balfour Concierge is on duty to serve your needs, whether it’s arranging for theater tickets, planning a picnic, or locating a new art gallery in town. You’ll find that the housekeeping and food service staff provide the warm, cheerful, attentive atmosphere you would always be delighted to have in your home at the Balfour.

Review Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

A Review of the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is becoming one of the top retirement destinations in the US. It is no wonder when you consider the excellent facilities and lifestyle that residents of the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem enjoy. It is time to relax and enjoy life at the Brookridge retirement home, where the friendly professional staff take care of the every day, while you enjoy the active lifestyle that you have deserved for many years. The campas of the Brookridge retirement active community is magnificent, and you truly feel like you have left the hustle and bustle behind. The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston offers many activities and facilities for you to enjoy your retirement, and is considered one of the top retirement homes in the Winston-Salem area. You can enjoy golf, go on plenty of nature walks, then enjoy an afternoon in the club house or library. And at the end of each day, there is no need to worry about meal preparation or clean up, as the incredible staff at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem will do it all for you.

An active lifestyle at Brookridge

Your complete health is considered at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem, from your body to your mind and spirit. All the activities are diverse and fully inclusive of your stay at this top retirement home. Many activities are planned and include such things as social events, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and holidays. A typical week schedule includes craft days, ceramics, neddlework, as well as book clubs, shopping trips, bridge games, and even trips to local events, historic places and cultural sites. The Brookrdige even encourages and can help arrange for you to volunteer at any number of local service agencies, or devote your time to visiting assisted living and nursing care residents on the campus. The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem also cares about your spiritual health, and religious services are provided my the on site Brookridge chaplain.

A popular and consderate facility is the accommodation of overnight family or friends at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem. The Brookridge considers that families are important, and they love to see children, grand children and family members visiting their loved ones at Brookridge.

Naturally there is a full range of activities for residents of this top retirement community in Winston-Salem. All activities are ongoing, and include such things as biking, hiking, walking or jogging. There are also water based activities for residents such as aerobics, and organized classes at the state of the art therapy and fitness center.

In the heart of the triad of North Carolina’s Attractions:

The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem is located in the very center of the famous Piedmont Traid, half way between the coast and the blue ridge mountains. Within minutes of the campas are a myriad of cultural, athletic, recreational and shopping attractions. At least twice a year people from around the world and across the country come to participate in the International Furniture Market in high point. There are also minor league baseball teams that play full summer schedules in Greensboro and in Winston-Salem. You can read about a full host of acivities that are available in the area by going to the Winston-Salem visitors center, online at

A perfect location, and perhaps Winston-Salem’s best kept secret.

The Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem is located on 46 magnificent wooded acres in the shadow of the Wake Forrest University. It is a well established active adult retirement home that is perfectly located in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point area.

Residence options for living at the Brookridge Retirement Community.

There is an ideal home for every resident at the Brookridge Retirement Community, from active adult homes, to ideal facilities for assisted living. Some of the options include: Garden Homes, which are considered excellent choices for active seniors who want to keep their independence and comfortable lifestyles. The 2 bedroom homes range from 1150 to 1400 square feet, and also have convenient living dining areas in addition to a full kitchen. There is even the option for a florida room a screened porch or even a carport or garage.

A typical Garden Home Floor Plan at the Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem:

Garden Home at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Garden Home at Brookridge Retirement Community Winston-Salem

Another popular option for those on a tighter budget are the apartment homes, these are located in the middle of the campus, and include studios, one bedroom, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom deluxe homes. These lovely homes range up to 1200 square feet, and have all the modern conveniences that you would expect.

Some of the Amenities offered at Brookridge:

Brookridge retirement home in Salem Winston offers a broad array of amenities to enhance the quality of life for its active and growing adult population.

  • Brookridge is a gated community with a monitored entrance and 24-hour security. This ensures your safety and keeps away unwanted guests.
  • Scheduled activities include social, cultural, recreational, educational, health and wellness, and inspirational programs and events.
  • A campus chaplain directs religious services and programs.
  • Residents have complete access to activity areas, including lounges, library, auditorium, chapel, indoor swimming pool, and fitness area. Also available on-site are a convenience store, bank, beauty/barber shop.
  • Brookridge offers full dining services to include lunch time buffet dining, evening service dining, a cafe for casual dining and private dining rooms for special occasions.
  • Brookridge provides regularly scheduled transportation to shopping areas, churches, and social events. This is very popular with residents.

Contact the Brookridge Retirement Community:

The staff at the Brookrdige would love to talk to you about your requirements, and offer you a tour of the facility. You can contact them at 336-759-1044, ask to speak to someone in the admissions or customer care teams.
1199 Hayes Forest Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

La Posada Community Review

La Posada Retirement Community Palm Beach Gardens Florida - A Life Care Community

Truly inspiring is the first impression you get of the Las Posada community, more like a 5 star resort than a retirement community. The community is nestled admist 22 acres of magnificent sparking lakes and beautiful courtyards - La Posada offers all the conveniences and luxuries of a resort in a nurturing environment that is the envy of the retirement world.

Reminiscent of southern spain the architecture at Las Posada is inspiring, the homes, apartments and villas each have breathtaking views of palm trees and lush greenery.  The homes feature stucco exteriors and red barrel tile roofs, all creating a scene that is the perfect backdrop to a picture perfect retirement lifestyle.

La Posada Florida -  A Life Care Retirement Community

La Posada Florida - A Life Care Retirement Community

Lifecare at Posada - a New Definition in Retirement Living

Lifecare has been providing a wonderful environment to thousands of retired seniors all over the country for decades. Studies have shown that residing in a life care community can actually lead to a longer, happier life. This is due to the fact that Lifecare combines the most important components that make for an ideal retirement.

As a life care community, La Posada offers you access to unlimited, long-term health care within the comforts of our extraordinary campus setting. With the Posada 90% Refundable Plan, you’ll experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have planned well for the future. This plan offers unlimited access to the finest private health care with a 90% refundable entrance fee to you or your estate.

La Posada also maximizes flexibility with its Full-Service meal Plan. Included in your monthly service fee are 30 meals per month, which can be enjoyed at any of our dining venues, La Posada also offers weekly housekeeping services, and much more.

The simplicity behind the lifecare program at Posada is perfect. It provides for virtually everything necessary to be happy and healthy, so a person can focus on getting the most out of life in a very active and independent manner. Retirement is about living, and lifecare is about you.

Full Offering of Services at La Posada Community

La Posada belives about giving you the most options, and the most flexibility to enjoy the services they offer. Life is truly maintenance free at La Posada in Florida. In addition, special hospitality services like restaurant-style dining, housekeeping and linens, security, transportation and concierge services and a great variety of community activities will always be at your disposal. And La Posada is conveniently located to the Gardens mall, Downtown at the Gardens and Legacy Place. With a wealth of convenient services and amenities designed just for active retirement seniors, you’ll be free to do more of the things you enjoy most at La Posada.

Some of the vast resident servcies offered at La Posada include Cultural, social, educational and recreational activities, Wellness programs - health, education, fitness center and on-site clinic, Concierge services Private banking services, Scheduled transportation Postal services Interior and exterior maintenance Dining services, Weekly housekeeping and linen service Unlimited life care health services, and of coure24-hour security. Community ammenities at La Posada are extensive with ammenities such as: Waterfront dining room (truly magnificent) -  Intimate private dining room for luxury and convenience, State-of-the-art fitness club Refreshing aquatic center, La Sala Grande Theatre Bright, open library, Creative arts studio Safari Lounge and Bistro, Card/game room Computer center, Wellness center Dedicated Bridge Room, Postal center Beauty salon and barbershop, Spa Services Guest suites, Lushly landscaped courtyards for walking and relaxing.

The ideal Florida Location for your retirement - La Posada

La Posada is located at an ideal location in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. With world class shopping and famous beacues only minutes away you will feel like you are in the midst of it all - enjoy the Gardens Mall a luxurious 1.4 million square foot regional shopping center, featuring over 160 fine specialty shops and anchored by Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Sears. The shopping center is conveniently located adjacent to La Posada. - Also visit Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida offers an experience like no other. Immerse yourself in lush, tropical surroundings. Experience sparkling fountains, contemporary sculpture, renowned restaurants, Whole Foods Market, 16-screen Cobb Theatre and fabulous shopping, all under the Florida sun.

What really makes La Posada unique:

The development of La Posada is based on a foundation of careful research obtained by surveying South Florida seniors. The results of this study have been quite conclusive, with many common responses. Overwhelmingly, area seniors told the developers they want spacious residences, a flexible lifestyle with convenient services and amenities, an environment where fellowship with friends and a variety of activities are readily available, and most importantly a lifetime health care plan that guarantees independence for the future. At La Posada, the commitment is in delivering all of these things and so much more.

Floorplans at La Posada Community in Florida

There are several different floor plans to choose from at La Posada. From the deluxe one bedroom plan with large walk through closet and cozy kitchen to the grand 2 bedroom plan that features a massive great room and 2 separate bedrooms.
2 Bedroom suite at La Posada
2 Bedroom suite at La Posada

The management team behind La Posada

Westport Advisors, Ltd., is the investment management firm behind La Posada Palm Beach Gardens. As the leader in senior living for the 21st century, Westport is the creator of Masterpiece Living, a revolutionary whole-person, whole-community initiative promoting successful aging and engaged living. Together with the Mayo Clinic and the Cooper Institute, Westport’s vision of creating communities where older adults are empowered to age successfully is now becoming a reality as Masterpiece Living® is implemented across the country. Westport now brings not only Masterpiece Living® to La Posada Florida, but also their commitment to excellence at every level, from first-class services and amenities to a comprehensive continuum of care.

Review the Gatesworth St Louis Missouri

Senior living at the Gatewsorth McKnight Place Assisted Living, and Gatewsorth  McKnight Place Extended Care

This lovely property is set on 12 acres of manicured gardens. The Gatesworth provides a retreat like setting for residents and visitors - it is well known for its elegant grounds and buildings and its residential lifestyle with full care for St. Louis area seniors.

Gatesworth Retirement Community St. Louis

Gatesworth Retirement Community St. Louis

Modern Facilities at the Gatesworth Retirement Home

The Gatewsorth offers a resort like atmosphere with numerous facilities located right within the grounds of the 12 acre property. Some of the excellent facilities at Gatesworth include a 104 seat theater, perfect for enjoying old movie classics as well as recent run mo Gatesworth vies. There is an expansive library that is ever growing with donations from families and residents. An arts center is equipped with equipment such as pottery wheels and painting areas. The runs several art programs for locals that allows for active seniors to expand their artistry. There are miles of lovely walking paths, perfect for an afternoon stroll or to keep up your exercise. A putting green is provided for those who enjoy their golf, and is a favorite among new residents.

A comfortable and cozy cocktail lounge is a well used for by residents, and a great meeting place to make new friends and host family. For those active residents at Gatesworth who enjoy gardening there is even a Greenhouse for cultivating hot house flowers and vegetables. For the convenience of all the Gatesworth offers an on site gift shop and convenience store stocking an assortment of daily essentails and a few hidden treasures. Even a full service bank is located on the property, allowing residents easy access to a full range of banking services.

To top the full featured list of amenities at the Gatesworth in St. Louis is the almost famous Spa One - this full feature spa offers an impressive range of services that rival those found in 5 star resorts across the country. The spa at Gatesworth offers massage, aromatherapy, facials, makeup, manicures and pedicures and a full salon and barbershop.

An Active Lifestyle at the Gatesworth

The Gatesworth believes that an active lifestyle is essential to a happy retirement. And that can be seen particularly at the Gatesworth Fitness Center. This state of the art facility offers everyone regardless of age a safe and supervised environment to get or stay fit. The fitness facility at Gatesworth St. Louis offers comfortable private locker rooms, excellent modern equipment, free weights, a heated indoor pool, personal trainers, aquatherapy, tai chi, yoga and whirlpool. The friendly staff will prepare a fitness and lifestyle plan for each resident that takes into consideration particular health requirments and goals of each Gatesworth resident.

Perfect Retirement Location

Gatesworth St. Louis is only minutes away from some of the most prime shopping, dining and entertainment that St. Louis has to offer. A full range of cultural activities are right at the door step, from galleries, museums, excellent restaurants and magnificent parks abound.

Exceptional Service is a Culture at the Gatesworth

The Gatesworth has a simple service philosophy, “The Answer is always YES” - and this is a commitment that stated over 16 years ago when the vision was first realized to provide seniors a home that was truly unique and exceptional in every way. The staff at the Gatesworth St. Louis are always listing to the residents, some great stories include adding dog walking because a resident was it was icy outside, and even adding an additional driver and vehicle because the demand was there.

Some of the other incredible and exceptional services of the Gatesworth include: Full time resident services and staff to coordinate recreation, social and educational services. There is a full time staff member that is dedicated to to needs of the residents at Gatesworth. These services can include transportation, personal errands, shopping, organizing your apartment, or even just for companionship.

The Gatesworth offers weekly housekeeping and maid services, dog walking, limosuine services for daily outings, 24 hour security and emergency response systems and a daily call assurance system so you are never left alone. There is maintenance of your residence provided and of all the common areas and grounds. For final peace of mind there is 24 hour nursing assistance.

Gatesworth Residence and Floor Plans

The Gatesworth recognizes that everyone has a different situation, and a different budget. They provide a range of accommodation types, starting from comfortable and cozy 1 bedroom homes, up to their 2200 square feet super deluxe 2 bedroom homes. Shown below is a typical 2 bedroom suite, that offers separated bedrooms, a large living and dining room as well as spacious kitchen and attached laundry room.

Two Bedroom Deluxe Suite With Breakfast Room

Two Bedroom Deluxe Suite With Breakfast Room

Dining at the Gatesworth

Dining is always a special occasion at the Gatesworth - and there are many options to choose from. There is the elegant and formal Colonnate DIning Room, or the bright casual Palm Court Restaurant. The Gatesworth even offers the convenience and luxury of in-room dining with 5-star meals delivered right to your home. The menus feature delicious appetizers, homemade soups, crisp green salads, choice cuts of meat and other select entrees. There’s always an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fantastic desserts created in the professional kitchen.

Contact the Gatesworth Retirement Community

Renowned for being among the very best in senior living demand for the Gatesworth is high, but all enquiries are welcome - the address of the Gatesworth is One McKnight Place, Saint Louis, MO 63124

Rainbow Vision Santa Fe Retirement Review

Every day across North America thousands of openly gay people are reaching retirement age. With a positive change in social and political views around the world gay retirees are feeling more liberated than ever before to enjoy their retirement. Rainbow Vision seeks to provide quality retirement lifestyles that offer the very best of amenities and homes, combined with a open acceptance of gay relationships.

RainbowVision - A leader in Reitirement Homes for Same Sex Couples

RainbowVision is truly a vision of its founders, who longed for a life in retirement where they could share their community with similar minded individuals. The team at Rainbow Vision that drives the vision combines a unique set of skills around leadership in the GLBT community, senior housing, community building and design. Rainbow Vision provides an excellent alternative for GLBT people in retirement, and is quickly becoming increasingly popular.

Rainbow Vision Santa Fe

The first of its kind, and a model for future development the Rainbow Vision Sante Fe retirment home for Gay, Lesbian & Transgender people is a now open. Future properties are being developed and planned including Palm Springs, The San Francisco Bay area, and Vancouver Canada.

The Rainbow Vision Santa Fe is situated in the most spectacular of setttings, with the silhouette of the Sangre de Cristo mountains as its backdrop every day seems like a new horizon.

Floor Plans at Rainbow Vision Santa Fe

Rainbow Vision Sante Fe Floor Plan

Rainbow Vision Sante Fe Floor plans

There are several different configurations of floor plans at the Rainbow Vision Santa Fe - several of the floor plans have been designed for Assisted Living, while there are many wonderful floor plans for those looking for a more indepedent lifestyle. There are floor plans for rental, as well as a great selection of floor plans at Rainbow Vision for purchase. Floor plans have been designed for flexible spaces and open living. Many of the homes also feature full walk in showers, as well as soaker tubs. There are floor plans that also feature large outdoor patios for enjoying the wonderful days in Santa Fe.

Not Your Average Ammenity List !

The Rainbow Vision Santa Fe really was designed with the discerning GLBT resident in mind - from the fabulous furnishings to the luxury ammenities such as an on-site spa and fitness center. The popular and spectacular Chelsea Village features superb dining room, club house and concierge services. Amenities at the Chelsea Village also include twice monthly housekeeping services as well as linen services. There is the Silver Starlight Lounge and Cabaret (a fabulous name) - numerous special events, community activities especially designed for GLBT such as excursions to cultural events, shopping and field trips in the special Santa Fe rainbow van.

Billie Jean King Spa and Fitness Center

Billie Jean King Spa and Fitness Center

The Billie Jean King Spa and Fitness center is a main attraction. Here you will find top of the line equipment as well as regular personal training sessions available. There are ample walking machines as well as a generous free weight section. You will also find cardiovascular fitness equipment, yoga pilaties, stretch and tone classes. The Billie Jean King Spa also offers massage, hair services manicures, pedicures, and aesthetic services. A locals favorite is the sumptious outdoor hot tubs, perfect for soaking in a lovely sunset.

The Castro Assisted living Suites offer that little bit more. Here you will find large well appointed residential units perfect for assisted living. There is easy access to dining, therapy and community services. At the Castro Assisted living suites there is a emphasis on Personal service, such as home-style dining facilities and home oriented dining. The trained staff at the Castro will also offer assistance with daily living activities, such as daily housekeeping, and personal care. There is a focus on community participation with many activities centered around social interactions. Of course the Castro Assisted living Suites also offer a full wireless emergency call system.RainbowVision Santa Fe offers 26 beautifully appointed Assisted Living Suites. Accommodations range from studios, 1 bedroom/1 bath to 2 bedroom/2 baths. The Castro assisted living centre is located above the El Centro Clubhouse allowing our assisted living members to join in a full range of community activities.

Assisted Living at Rainbow Living Santa Fe: Possible Tax Benefits for You!

Rainbow Living suggest that you, or the person paying for your care, may be eligible for certain deductions on your federal tax return, depending on the type of services and the level of care you require. The IRS in the United States allows deductions for the cost of housing and meals if you are receiving long-term care in a home or community due to chronic illness or the inability to live alone. Assisted living residents receiving personal care services may qualify for the deduction. To qualify for tax benefits for assisted living , you must require assistance with at least two activities of daily living (such as eating, toileting, transferring, bathing and dressing), and a physician must certify that you have been unable to perform these functions without assistance for at least 90 days. Tax deductions can be a useful way to alleviate the cost of care at a specialized facility. However, please note that RainbowVision does not provide tax advice for its residents, potential residents, or families, and this information should not be considered as such. Federal and state tax laws may affect your personal return and ability to deduct expenses. Always consult an accountant or attorney before making these decisions related to the IRS or taxation.

Short Term Rentals - a perfect way to sample the Rainbow Vision Good Life

Rainbow Vision Santa Fe offer a great way to sample living at the Santa Fe facility. They offer fully furnished residences ith kitchen available for 1 day to up to 3 months. Your fee to stay includes full access to the Rainbow Living facilities, continental breakfast Monday through Friday, and weekly housekeeping. Check the web site for rates and availability. This is a truly wonderful way to sample living at Santa Fe Rainbow vision, and a good introduction to the lifestyle, friendships and communuty that could be yours if you choose to spend your retirement at Rainbow Vision.

Foxdale Village Review

Foxdale Village State College, Pennsylvania, Retirement Community Review

The Foxdale village retirement community is a unique development in that it is a not for profit Quaker directed continuing care facility based on Quaker principles. Foxdale Village Community provides for the social, spiritual, nutritional, residential, wellness and health care needs of residents at very competitive cost. It also provides a supportive working environment for employees. The Foxdale community is based on Quaker values and Quaker conviction that all people are to be treated with dignity and loving respect.

The Foxdale Village was recently voted by AOL Money as one of the top 10 best places to retire. The article published online featured what was considered to be the most appealing, and all round best places to retire in the United States.

Foxdale Village State College, Penn.

Foxdale Village State College, Penn.

What is a Quaker Oriented Community?

There are often misconceptions around Quakers. Quakers are also referred to as the REligious Society of Friends. Their origins were from the 17th century when a group of Christians were dissatisfied with the existing denominations. The various branches of Quakers have widely divergent beliefs and practices, but the central concept to most Friends is the Inner Light or “Light of Christ within”. Accordingly, individual Quakers may develop individual religious beliefs arising from their personal conscience and revelation coming from “God within”; Quakers feel compelled to live by such individual religious beliefs and inner revelations.  The Foxdale Village is centred around Quaker principles, but specific belifs are not forced on residents or guests.

Foxdale Village Retirement Community is a member of ‘Friends Services for the Aging’, which is an association of 21 Quaker organizations that provides services to older adults in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These not-for-profit senior service organizations and retirement homes are Quaker governed and provide services on the basis of Quaker values that uphold the worth and dignity of all people. They work together to enhance the quality of their services. On their behalf, Friends Services for the Aging provides information and referral services to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or geographic location. This makes the Foxdale Village Retirement community unique and a very special place for seniors in retirement.

Location of the Foxdale Village

Foxdale Retirement Village is located on a spectacular 21-acre campus in central Pennsylvania, an area of beautiful mountains and valleys. Cultural and educational opportunities are available at Penn State University nearby main campus. Foxdale is within a short distance of downtown State College, an attractive town of tree-lined streets. State College has been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a “Tree City USA.”

Community Facilities for an Active Retirement

The Foxdale has a wonderful compliment of community facilities and amenities. Central to the village is the Community Building. This is a gathering place for residents to pick up mail, eat meals, attend lectures, concerts, and meetings. Here active retirement residents can work in the computer lab or wood shop and participate in activities such as painting, needlework,reading, and playing bridge or other card games.

Also located in the Foxdale Village Community Building is the cafe, dining room, lounges, activity rooms, auditorium, meeting room, library, branch bank, exercise room with hot tub, outpatient health office, therapy room, administrative offices, woodworking shop, and beauty and barber shop.

Floor Plans of the Apartments at Foxdale Village

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Home at Foxdale

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Home at Foxdale

There are 5 different floor plans to choose fro at the Foxdale The smallest unit is a 518 square foot studio, there are alos one bedroom units available at 728 sqr feet. Some of the one bedroom plans also offer cozy Den which ads approx 200 square feet to the unit for a total of 920 square feet. The largest of the floor plans at Foxdale is the 2 bedroom plan, as shown above. This spacious plan is 1064 square feet, and has a layout that separates the bedrooms on each side of the main living room.  Another great feature of this floor plan is the large walk in closet. In total there are 148 apartments at Foxdale Village.

Independent Living at Foxdale

Foxdale offers independent apartment living.  Each apartment consists of a modern kitchen complete with microwave oven and dishwasher (no dishwasher in Studio), laundry facility, ample storage closets and quiet-running heat pump for heating and cooling. Curtains and wall-to-wall carpeting are furnished; residents provide their own furniture.

Bathrooms are designed with the safety of grab bars, 24-hour emergency call system and ample floor space. Special allowances and thought has been given to closet space and to maximum soundproofing between apartments.Outside, residents enjoy landscaped courtyards, a private entrance and their own patio with the opportunity to create their own landscaping if they desire. Open parking is included in the monthly fee: covered carports are available at extra cost.All utilities are included with the exception of electricity and telephone, which the resident pays. Cable television is available at no extra cost. Services to residents at Foxdale include weekly housekeeping, three meals a day at the Community Center and a range of health care services.

Unique Admission Requirements of Foxdale Retirement Village

Admission to Foxdale Retirement Village involves a number of steps in a process over time. The VIllage is in high demand with a waiting list for admission to this unique active retirement community. Foxdale Village offers residences for independent, active persons aged 65 and over who are in good physical and mental health. Residents are expected to be able to live independently and to attend to their own personal needs at the time of entry. Admission to Foxdale Village is open to all applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, familial status, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, religion, handicap, or disability. The staff at Foxdale encourage you to come to State College for a personal visit with a staff member and a tour of the site and facilities of Foxdale Village. A person or couple who wishes to be considered for residency at Foxdale Village should first register for the priority list by completing a Priority List Agreement, and submitting it along with a check for $1,200. Of this amount, $1,000 is a refundable priority list deposit and $200 is a non-refundable registration fee. This places the applicant’s name on the waiting list (priority list) to be considered for entry. Being on the priority list does not guarantee admission, which is contingent upon a medical and financial evaluation at the time of entry. Names are placed on the waiting list in order of the date on which the Priority List Agreement and deposit are received. Applicants on the priority list are expected to keep Foxdale informed of the earliest date they would be ready to move into the Village. It is typical to be on the waiting list for a number of years.

Foxdale is a unique and highly regarded retirement community, and worthy of its placement among the best retirement homes in the United States.