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One of the Best Places to Retire in the World is… Nicaragua Central America! Plus, advice from John D. Rockefeller on smart financial choices for retirees and seniors investing in real estate.

Bar NONE - The Best Development Group In Nicaragua Is…

… Grupo Mariana Family of Resorts, the parent company of Isla Mariana Resort & Mariana, Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, Casa Mariana Hotels, Reserva Mariana Eco Resorts, Colonial Mariana and Café Mariana. Formed 4 years ago by Chairman Kevin Fleming and President Maria Rueda, Grupo Mariana began with Isla Mariana, an island resort property that blossomed quickly. There was unprecedented demand for Nicaragua resort and recreational property on this special piece of land and the first phase of the Seaside Mariana real estate development sold out quickly. Success offering other property soon followed.

Is there any Nicaragua Isla Mariana waterfront property left for me?

With a fresh master policy in place from Stewart Title and Guaranty, Isla Mariana has just released a second phase of real estate resort property onto the Nicaragua property market at Isla Mariana. The unique nature of the island with a life-filled river on one side and scenic wide sandy ocean beaches a couple hundred meters away on the other side make this Nicaragua Isla Mariana resort property especially rare and desirable. If this is something that intrigues you, do not hesitate. Visit the website for more information on how to get yourself a piece of this paradise at the Nicaragua Isla Mariana resort real estate before it is unavailable. Beach Front Home Sites starting at US$39,600. Register here for the Isla Mariana Nicaragua resort waterfront property.

Nicaragua provides entertainment, recreation, affordable housing and lifestyle choices for seniors. Central America's Nicaragua is definitely one of the best places to retire!

Nicaragua provides entertainment, recreation, affordable housing and lifestyle choices for seniors. Central America

Why not consider yet another beautiful option?

Grupo Mariana’s largest resort Nicaragua real estate development is Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, a 923-acre luxury resort property situated on a massive pristine stretch of the Nicaraguan Pacific Ocean. This Seaside Mariana Nicaragua recreational property will feature a championship Signature golf course designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus himself. Nicklaus has toured the Seaside Mariana resort golf property extensively and is excited about the prospect of growing the game of golf in Nicaragua resort real estate. This particular course will be a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, which is a particularly high honor. In the two years since Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort started, great progress has been made. An intricate master planned community at Nicaragua Seaside Mariana resort property has been created, architectural drawings done, permits of every kind procured, the first release of recreational real estate Nicaragua resort property sold out, groundwork completed for planning and installation of infrastructure and improvements made to the overall property. Everything has been attended to with extreme precision.

This extraordinary progress is attributable to the great relationships that have been cultivated with Nicaraguan governmental agencies and top-notch professionals throughout the world. And it is a tribute to the passion and hard work of the people at Grupo Mariana for the pre-construction Nicaragua Seaside Mariana resort real estate development. Under the leadership of Kevin Fleming, Grupo Mariana has taken resort development to a new level in Nicaragua recreational property. In November of 2009, a groundbreaking ceremony will mark the start of an exciting phase of construction at Seaside Mariana and Isla Mariana resort real estate developments in Nicaragua property. To see for yourself, contact Grupo Mariana to make the arrangements to visit this Central American real estate haven. Laying eyes on the place is often all it takes to seal the deal. Just be ready to act when you arrive. The early bird won’t get worms. In this case, the early bird gets the first choice of prime Nicaragua resort real estate - a much tastier prospect at the Isla Mariana and Seaside Mariana spa and golf resort property. The wise resort property investor will want to jump onto the front of the queue for the 2009 Priority Reservation list ASAP in order to secure first dibs on the primo units for Isla Mariana Ocean Front Condos and the Nicaragua Seaside Mariana Luxury Golf Course Villas. Getting your name on the list is as simple as contacting Yet another reason to consider coming down is to get a sense of the area on one of Grupo Mariana’s Discovery Weekends . Information about these events is available online. If you are still reading this, and have not made up your mind to invest in the New Nicaragua resort real estate, do yourself a huge favor and arrange to come visit SOON.

Isla Mariana and Seaside Mariana are two real estate Nicaragua resort development that you can retire to.

Isla Mariana and Seaside Mariana are two real estate Nicaragua resort development that you can retire to.

Make Your Central America Beachfront Property Dream Come True TODAY!

These memberships will NOT last long. Beachfront land at Seaside Mariana and Isla Mariana Nicaragua recreational property for sale is the most sought after of all Central America resort property - bar none. If you want any chance of getting your very own beach land at the pre-construction Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, you MUST act fast . Worldwide interest from property recreational investors in North America and Europe will inevitably claim these memberships rapidly. Reserve now to receive advance notice and details of our Private Residence Club at the Grupo Mariana spa and golf resort coming soon with memberships starting at $150,000. 
It is important to remember: The history of this brand new Nicaragua resort real estate development and Grupo Mariana has been that our property SELLS FAST. Windows of opportunity may open unexpectedly; and when the view they reveal is this attractive, they can close even faster. Why the information shared here can be the start of a Great Life AND a Great Fortune: There is no doubt that uncertain times create uncommon opportunities at the Seaside Mariana Nicaragua recreational property development - for those wise enough to take action.

As you know, some parts of the globe expand -even when much of the planet is in recession. Nicaragua resort real estate is an emerging nation whose beauty, charm and pristine condition have taken the world by storm. The momentum has meant an incredible surge in visitors and investment in Central America tourism and property development, which has sparked unparalleled interest in participating in the country’s growth, such as the pre-construction Isla Mariana and Seaside Mariana Nicaragua resort property development. You can either watch from the sidelines as the economy crumbles around you at home, OR you can act on the knowledge that comes with an awareness of global and regional growth trends. Now it the time to secure your place in the emerging haven that is the New Nicaragua! There will never be a better opportunity to make your Nicaragua and Central America beach property dream a reality.

The Real Nicaraguan Story

Take Advantage Today of a Very Special Preconstruction Nicaragua Resort real estate Opportunity at Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, with Homesites starting at only $49,000and Receive a Complimentary Tour of Nicaragua with Your Purchase. We are for a very limited time offering exquisite preconstruction Beachfront and Oceanfront Nicaragua resort Condominiums through an exclusive Seaside Mariana resort program that offers you a combined Beach or Oceanfront Condominium and preconstruction Homesite package for $450,000 USD, or turnkey 3-bedroom Seaside Mariana Golf Villas starting at $480,000 USD that are located on our exclusive Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, the only one of its kind in Central America. Incredible Prices On Nicaragua Lots and waterfront real estate condos. Between now and September 30, you can choose from two other tremendous specials: Seaside Mariana Lots are for sale for just $49,000 USD, measuring over 10,500 square feet. Price is reduced from $58,000. This is a savings of $9,000. Three exclusive Seaside Mariana Nicaragua golf lots also are for sale priced at $99,000 USD, measuring 10,500 square feet and located along the 10th hole of the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Price is reduced from $139,000. This is a savings of $40,000. Master plan of available lots.

Plenty of activities abound in Central America Nicaragua - voted top destination to retire to in the world

Plenty of activities abound in Central America Nicaragua - voted top destination to retire to in the world

This is a preconstruction Nicaragua real estate resort condo and lot release-which means that for a limited amount of time you have a special opportunity to lock in a piece of paradise at extremely favorable prices. You can place a $10,000 USD reservation through a First American Title Insurance Escrow account, and the balance due is in 60 days. It’s that simple. Also, you may elect to purchase title insurance from either of two companies, First American Title or Stewart Title, that have a master policy of title insurance. Groundbreaking Event at Seaside Mariana Spa and Golf Resort in Nicaragua: With each pre-sale resort condo, villa or remaining lot purchased between now and September 30, you are invited to our special January 21-25th event, with all expenses paid including lodging and $2,000 toward your airfare. This includes a host of activities, including receptions, a day on the beach at Seaside Mariana Spa and Golf Resort, tours to introduce you to the land and culture, and opportunities to learn even more about the country and its investment climate. Trip details: Our special event at the Nicaragua resort real estate development of Seaside Mariana Golf resort is January 21-25, and you can receive complete details registering at . With your reservation of a preconstruction Nicaragua home lot, villa or condo, you receive an invitation to the event and your lodging is included. You book your own air travel to and from Managua, for which you can then deduct $2,000 from your purchase balance, which is due 60 days after your deposit. You may bring a companion to the event for just $395, which includes activities and meals. Airfare and lodging is not included for your companion.

Benefit From Special Resort Real Estate Developer Financing Now Available for Nicaragua Condominiums and Villas

We’re also fortunate to now be able to offer you some extremely competitive financing on your purchase. You can finance up to 70% of the total price of your Nicaragua Seaside Mariana Resort villa or condo, with interest rates now at 5.75% and adjusted based on U.S. prime rate every five years on a 15-year term. Make an initial $10,000 deposit and pay the remainder of your 30% down payment over six months, with all deposits secured with First American Title Insurance Escrow Services. Financing and payments go into effect with the start of construction, and, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your very own piece of paradise at Seaside Mariana. For more details, click here.

John D. Rockefeller Common Logic During Turbulent Times

Dear Global Real Estate Investor, During turbulent times, many people avoid making new financial decisions. Common logic can dictate that it’s not the time to make new financial purchases. However, one does not earn riches by thinking in a common manner. The savvy real estate investor-the one who has done his homework-steps up to claim his stake. The real estate investors that prosper are the ones who see opportunity in a downturn. Click here for the Special Report.

During the Great Depression, John D. Rockefeller stated, “These are days when many are discouraged. In the 93 years of my life, depressions have come and gone. Prosperity has always returned and will again.” It’s been reported Rockefeller leveraged everything he owned to buy products on the cheap knowing he’d be exponentially richer when they inevitably rose in value again. A few people made large amounts during the great depression. The Kennedy, Rothschild, and Rockefeller families all increased their holdings and their wealth. It is possible to not only survive, but to thrive during a financial downturn. However, one must be astute and selective. History has shown that stocks can fall to zero. Many speculative investors will have nothing to show for their hard earned money. But we’re not suggesting a strategy based on equities.

We’re suggesting you consider something that is much more rare-oceanfront real estate. Oceanfront real estate is in a different class all together. Not only is it impossible to fall to zero, but you can live and breathe your real estate investment. What stock can provide you with sand, ocean and palm trees? As the saying goes: “Buy Oceanfront…They’re Not Making Any More of It!” It might not seem evident, but the real estate market may be handing you a precious gift. As you’ll see in this report, the limited supply of prime Nicaragua oceanfront real estate coupled with the coming baby-boomer demographic title wave equals one thing-big profits for you. While oceanfront in general will always do well, we’re not recommending just any oceanfront. We’re offering the best of the best. Nicaragua Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort is in a class of its own. Seaside Mariana has Central American Bank assistance for the funding of infrastructure, providing investors with a level of security not found in other projects. Seaside Mariana has gained full support from all Nicaraguan ministries and governmental institutions. And Seaside Mariana resort real estate property has garnered worldwide press recognizing for the innovation and new standard of luxury it is bringing to the region. And that’s just the beginning. With this piece, we are striving to provide you with everything you would want to know, and more, about Seaside Mariana resort real estate in Nicaragua and the beautiful country where it is located.

There will be winners as a result of this downturn. Will you be one of them? The creation of Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort in Nicaragua resort real estate is a labor of love for me, which translates for you into an assurance that each and every element of this recreational real estate project in Nicaragua is being carefully planned, examined and executed by an amazingly talented team of professionals. I would welcome an opportunity to review personally with you the master plan and other aspects of the resort to ensure your understanding and satisfaction. Again, thank you for your interest, which certainly underscores and reflects our commitment to satisfying those who expect only the best. I look forward to meeting you and further introducing you to this special place called Nicaragua and Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort real estate development.



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