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Canada Nursing Homes and Senior Assisted Living Communities
Canadians are ranked in the top three countries in terms of longevity and average age of women and men. With this trend, Canadian nursing homes and assisted care facilities in Canada are at the forefront of assistance and long-term care for the elderly and retired to help them achieve a sense of purpose, vitality and lifestyle that they deserve as they enter the best years of their lives.

Nursing Homes Canada Senior Care In Summary
As shown in the 2006 Canadian Census by the government, Canada is an aging population. Not only are many 55+ individuals and couples retiring at an earlier age or having to retire upon retirement age at 65, the senior population in Canada is ever growing. Canadian nursing homes and other assisted living in home and continuous long-term care facilities are becoming much more important in creating a livable space that provides the freedom as well as the assistance that many Canadian seniors and elderly people require as they reach the age where they need long term medical and nursing care. The new nursing homes in Canada assisted living facilities provide a number of activities, amenities and on-site services to the elderly patients which provides an amazing experience for them to grow old with other friends and family members within the same care community. In addition, Canadian nursing homes and new Canada assisted senior care facilities provide new services for seniors including turn down services, master planned communities of single family detached home or townhomes or elderly apartment residences with central nursing home care facilities and emergency medical services as well as community halls and clubhouses where residents can mingle with their friends. The new Canada nursing home community provides a livable atmosphere that is kind to them and focuses on active learning, activities, field trips and interaction with other residents. This is in contrast to older style nursing homes in Canada with assisted living senior care dependent where residents use to have their own room and not be mobile within the community. Many Canadian seniors and the elderly in Canada felt trapped by such apartment nursing home facilities. Nowadays, seniors can enjoy active living assisted care facilities and other Canada nursing homes that promote stimulation mentally and physically so that seniors can live longer and more fulfilling retirement years. A huge concentration of the new Canada nursing homes and other developments of facilities with nursing care, assisted living, in home and continuous senior long-term care are concentrated in provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, BC and Quebec. There are also some great care facilities in the Canada nursing home sector located in the Maritimes and Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces.

Ontario Nursing Home Care and Toronto Assisted Living Facilities
Ontario is the largest province in Canada when it comes to population, and because of this, the province also has the largest number of seniors requiring continuing or in home care by professional medical staff. Ontario, and namely Toronto nursing homes, provide great health care services for seniors by well trained and experienced nursing and medical staff. In many cases, the Toronto nursing homes and Ontario assisted senior care living facilities include full service apartment communities where seniors get a room to themselves and all the services required to make their stay as low maintenance and fun as possible. Such services provided at these Ontario nursing homes and Toronto in home care communities include housekeeping, meals (catered sometimes), cleaning, bathing, drug administration, and emergency on call staff. In addition, these Toronto nursing homes for senior care living also provide great amenities such as community rooms where seniors can intermingle amongst themselves, play games and just relax and watch television. Ontario senior care communities are some of the best in the country because of the well trained medical professional staff including nurses and doctors. Toronto assisted living includes such facilities for in home care and continuing senior care in addition to some Alzheimers care communities. Other Ontario nursing homes are also setup for terminal illnesses and other cancer/AIDS related patients. Overall, Toronto is a leader in assisted living facilities and other extended long-term care communities in Ontario and in the Canada retirement housing community.

BC Nursing Homes Communities and Senior Living
British Columbians enjoy the best lifestyle and because of it, BC residents are among the healthiest and most fit people in the country. Also, many seniors and retired individuals in BC maintain an active lifestyle that is full of outdoor activities, recreational options, walking, running, and more. BC nursing homes and other senior assisted living communities are very different in British Columbia. Many are active adult centres in apartment buildings that provide great extended health care, field trips and other physical activities to keep seniors fit and healthy in the best years of their lives. As indicated on Retirement Review, the most popular senior living communities in BC nursing home industry include Sunrise Living for active adults and Alzheimers care with in home or continuing care services as well as Amica retirement and senior assisted living communities. These are among the best and most affordable options for seniors looking for full service and professionally trained medical and nursing staff. The BC nursing homes in Vancouver included many assisted living apartment complexes for the elderly including both Sunrise Living and Amica Live Well facilities. Vancouver is definitely one of the healthiest cities, and because of this, BC residents are living longer than ever before, creating a great need for these new Vancouver nursing homes catered to those who require constant care. The assisted living communities in BC are also concentrated in the beautiful Okanagan Valley area. Cities such as Kelowna, Kamloops, Nelson, Vernon and Osoyoos are great retirement communities with nursing homes and assisted care living for active adults. With a great amount of outdoor recreational activities during all four seasons, the Okanagan of BC is a favourite retirement hot spot for residents of Ontario and Alberta seeking a more livable retirement and well into their senior years. With that, much of the Okanagan real estate market is very pricey and is no longer affordable for all seniors unfortunately.

Alberta Senior Care Living
Although many Albertans are moving to B.C. or Saskatchewan for retirement, there are a number of great Alberta nursing homes and senior care living communities available to those who need it. With an aging population in areas like Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge the Alberta nursing home communities are providing 24/7 and long-term care for seniors in the province. Youth and vitality are the main directives of many of these senior care homes and no doubt, Albertans are enjoying longer and more fulfilling lives.

New Quebec Nursing Senior Homes
Quebec has one of the fastest growing retirement and senior population segment in its demographics, so starting new and improved nursing homes and retirement senior care facilities is a must if Quebec is to keep its elderly in the province. With many moving out of the province into Ontario and into the United States, Quebec nursing homes have to create livable and sustainable senior communities in order to compete with the more affordable and better services communities elsewhere.